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Writing Scientific Explanations and Ecology for 7th graders

The following list of resources will be used to help students navigate an online module. The students' goals are for them to observe a scientific phenomenon and write scientific explanations. The scientific phenomenon will include observations from an ecosystem in a bottle.

State-Specific EOC and Common Core Practice Tests - USATestprep

USA test prep is a good source to use when assessing students for mastery of content. This source can be utilized to give online assessments, review vocabulary, and even allows students to play interactive content-related games.


BrainPOP is an awesome source to provide clear explanations of vocabulary, key-terms, and overall scientific concepts. This resource provides videos, quizzes, and interactive games.


I use socrative for online quizzes. It gives me instant feedback, exhibits data which displays strengths and weaknesses. This resource even gives student instant feedback as well. This source is amazing so I am able as the teacher to differentiate content in more strategic ways.

Virtual Ecosystem

This activity introduces students to the idea that all living organisms must compete for food. Within the ecosystem model in which my students will be completing, students can began to experiment with abiotic and biotic factors to experience how these factors work together. Students control a rabbit in a field with edible plants, at first alone, and later joined by computer-controlled rabbits. With such competition it becomes harder and harder for the students to keep their rabbit alive. Students shift their thinking from a focus on individual organisms to a concern for the well-being of the population as a whole.


Newsela is an amazing source to use to incorporate reading and writing strategies into your classroom. This site even gives you as the teacher to change the lexile levels so students can comprehend the article from their own reading level.

Kids Do Ecology

This online source is used to give students practice on related graphs to scientific concepts. While students are studying factors that may affect the decrease or increase of a population, they can record the data using graphs and tables. Just an overall interactive experience of incorporating math concepts into science lessons.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a great source to use provide additional help with planning science lessons. This resource provides an online textbook with interdisciplinary lessons. This site even offers 6-E lessons ideas.

Writing a Scientific Explanation

This site is used to help students write scientific explanations. This site provides support for struggling students who attempt to write scientific explanations. Additionally, this site gives students actual scientific concepts and offers support on how to help in the writings.