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Our company keeps pace with the times and develops a series of 3g4g IOT cameras based on traditional cameras. offers solar 3G camera which runs using solar panel and 3G network for transferring photos captured. It is the first choice among everyone these days, as it fulfills all purpose. Please go through our collection of cameras and choose the latest models.

Different Features of 3G Camera

The 3g camera allows the transmission of video in VGA resolution. In locations without access to cable internet, it is now possible to supervise and monitor distant locations or valuable mobile objects.

A Great Info about 3G Cameras

The camera uses a 3G network, but supports 3G and 4G (LTE) SIM cards. It can function as a security system. It can be connected to a Wi-Fi network. When the built-in PIR detector detects movement, the camera will send a notification, information on your phone / tablet.

Keep Your Home as well as Office in your Watch Using 3g Camera

The outdoor gsm camera can be built-in 3G WCDMA sim card. With the help of plug and play gsm camera app, the camera can stream extremely clear video with audio via 3G / 4G network.

Wireless Security Solar 3g Camera and its Installation

Homeowners are becoming more security conscious than ever, with recent research revealing that one home is broken into every 90 seconds in China. The camera is specially designed for surveillance in outdoor circumstances without cabled internet access, such as farm, base station, power plant, and etc.

Explore a Wide Range of GSM Camera is the best place to buy branded gsm camera which includes gsm spy camera, gsm security camera and gsm alarm camera. Our camera supports android system because it has strong expandability so it can support kinds of installation of APP.

New 3g Camera with Dual System- 3g GSM Mobile Sim Card and Wifi through Internet

We present you exclusively for all of a product highly requested by customers, a video surveillance camera to see the images in real time even in places where there is no internet by ADSL or fiber optics.

Important Advantages of GSM Camera and Solar 3g Camera

Solar 3g camera includes an internal battery to keep working up to 7 or 8 hours more even when there is a sun light, very useful in case of sabotage even if they cut the light the camera keeps working, recording videos and sending alert messages.

Avail the Most Advanced 3G Camera and GSM Camera

Jia Jia Eye is the effective entry to purchase a 3g camera and we have gigantic accumulations of the cameras. Our association has had some expertise in giving premium nature of GSM camera and our item is made with astonishing nature of crude materials.

Install GSM Camera to Monitor Every Action in the Building and Other Place

With the development in the GSM camera platform, you can examine huge range of the camera with innovative features. Hence it assists to meet all your need on using such the camera. Here this company provides high quality and premium gsm camera and also amazing raw material with the best price in the market.

Get 4g Camera for Environmental Protection

4G camera is open all day, but also all of the dynamic, to record and save to your computer, if there is a problem that day, or after a dispute, this is the most powerful evidence. 4G wireless network camera installed near the water, can real-time remote monitoring to what is in the water polluted, thus can for the people to make punishment, and ordered the recovery will be polluted the environment.

Buy 3G Cameras at Competitive Rates from Top Manufacturers

Online search is one of the time-saving and convenient ways to help you in reaching the top manufacturers of such cameras. You will come in contact with a number of reputed names that have proven track record and years of experience. For high security standards and to ensure safety of any area, manpower is not just enough to employ. It can be costly deal.

Choosing high quality security cameras for any place depends on various things; wherein various important points need to taken into consideration. Choosing high quality 4g Cameras – mainly that are solar powered is one of the ideal decisions to make that will provide you complete peace of mind and a way to increase the security measurements of any area.

High quality 4G Helmet Cameras with Amazing Features provides the premium quality of gsm camera and our product is manufactured with the high quality of more than raw materials. The finest place to buy the GSM camera like GSM spy camera, GSM security camera, and GSM alarm camera.

Make your Looks more Beautiful with the 4G Camera

If you choose 4G camera it is the best option for the concern. The 4G camera gives the ideal security to the living places. It is not used for the security purpose but it also used for different aspects. This one can send the photo quickly to the mobile devices and others. You can view the activity on the roadside and avoid the unwanted problems.

Wifi Head-Mounted Camera – Ideal to Use for Various Applications

For various security reasons and to ensure protection, different types of tools, manpower and other things required to ensure safety and peace of mind. Using Wi-Fi Head-Mounted Camera is one of them that are taken into use for various purposes.

4g Helmet Camera is an Innovative Camera

You can buy 4G Helmet camera or choose any kind of other like Wireless Helmet camera that comes with a gamut of added features. You have to choose the best one that is convenient for you, go through the details and make a contact.

Explore Variety of Wifi and Wireless Head Mounted Cameras

If you're enthusiastic about catching recordings and are looking for simple to deal with camcorder, you most likely have quite recently settled on your decision right. At, we offer a portion of the best wifi head-mounted camera that will take into account every one of your worries of catching an extraordinary quality video.

Find the Best Wireless Helmet Camera

The small camera can shoot amazing 4K recordings at 60fps. Its 1440p recordings can extend up to 120 fps, while its 1080p class can go up to 240fps, empowering smooth moderate movement and with its all-new; Black conveys 2x the execution contrasted with.