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Money Management IQ

Money Management IQ blog is the source of personal finance, money management, and frugal living ideas. Here you can read articles about money management techniques that include personal finance, retirement, loans, debts, credit, insurance, budgeting, forex trading and money-related topics to enhance your money IQ.


Bad credit history – Improving your credit score is the key

You must have a good credit history to be eligible for certain financial advantages in life like taking a bank loan when required. Having a good credit score is great for your records and provides you a stress-free life, therefore, you must improve your credit score as that is the key to a financially comfortable life.

How to save money – Managing your finances in the right way

Believe it or not, managing your finances goes a long way in ensuring a decent life. Regardless of your financial background, you can really know about how to save money without worrying much if you know how to plan well and recognize a way to keep your finances in total control.

Retirement Planning Is A Necessity Not A Luxury - Understanding 401k Plans As Well

You have to start to lay the foundations of your stress-free life from a very early period of your life. Only then can you dream of that fun or peaceful life you always wanted with your loved ones. Try to save as much as you can for your retirement planning and as much as your lifestyle permits. There is no barrier on how much you should save. No one really knows that, it just depends on your capability to earn and save after living a comfortable life with your family.

How to Budget and Save Money – Learning the Art of Budgeting

The current economic trends barely allow the common man to make their ends meet. In this situation, saving some money from your earnings remains a distant dream. But, there are just so many benefits that you can get from saving, therefore, everyone at least tries to do it in their lives.

How do I save money on airfare - Travel economically by cheap international flights

Air travel is always considered as an expensive mode of transport by many people. However, attributing to the increasing competition among the airline corporations, this luxury is now somewhat available at reasonable rates for the common people who can finally afford to fly by air. There are many points that you just have to contemplate when you are thinking of how do I save money on airfare.

How People Fall Into the Debt Trap

One of the key elements in the management of the debt is staying clear on the “wants” and “needs”. The experts will advise you to recognize your immediate needs and wants so that you can make a sound decision. While your present debt needs to be paid anyhow, you will have to keep this in mind for the future.

6 Practical Ways to Save Money in 2018

Saving money isn’t that easy. This can be easily explained by the fact that everyone has different financial situations – all kinds of debt from consumer to student loans, not having enough money to save or they have other important things to take care of.

5 Very Important Things to Do Before You Retire

These are the 5 important financial milestones that you need to reach before you retire. But, if you have already missed a few of them, it does not matter. You can start saving anytime you want.

How your Emergency Fund Protects you in Difficult Situations

Having an emergency fund can provide you financial back up for various unexpected situations. With the fund, you don’t have to depend on other people. The best thing is that you can save as little or much as you can.

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money

Small businesses can grow multifold if they cut down on unwanted expenses. Owners should make it a point to lower operating expenses and identify the mistakes in their operation and management-level stratagem, due to which they are losing money.

10 Easy and Effortless Ways to Save Money

Saving money is a huge and painful task for many. No matter what they do, they simply cannot get around do saving more money. They desperately ask “how can I save money?” Depositing money into your saving account each month isn’t enough. For some people, they do not have money to save some in the first place.

Smart Ways To Manage Your Personal Finance - Money Management IQ

Establishing good financial habits is one of the best ways to keep track of your personal finance. If you haven’t already started now is the right time. When finances go out of hand it can lead to bankruptcy or not have enough money to save for the future.