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Updated by Dortech Direct on Jul 10, 2018
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Dortech Direct

Dortech Direct is UK's leading building & construction materials supplier.


Dortech Direct

Dortech Direct

Dortech Direct is UK's leading building & construction materials supplier. We offer various products like glazing tools, glass lifters, balustrades, silicone sealant, EPDM membranes, compriband, glass films, backer rod etc materials at affordable price.

Tremco Illbruck Compriband: Timbermax TP450

Find tremco illbruck high performance products and solutions at Dortech Direct. Tremco Illbruck Compriband: Timbermax TP450 is a soft and flexible expanding sealing tap which is designed for use in a wide variety of movement joints like window perimeter seals and other applications. It provides weather tight against most severe combination of wind and rain and always fulfill your expectation as an external weather seal in building and civil engineering applications. All our products are extensively tried and tested. Contact us today (01484 411357) if you need more details about any of our products.

Glass Lifting Equipment | Lifting devices | Glass Handling Equipment

Dortech Direct offers a comprehensive range of glass lifting equipment to make your day-to-day glass lifting operations simple, safe and efficient. Explore our complete range of lifting equipment that can be useful for builders, suction heads and security locks are offered at very affordable prices. Contact us today (01484 411357) if you need any technical assistance.

Glass Suction Cups, Lifters & Window Suction Cups - Dortech Direct

At Dortech Direct, we supply a complete range of glass suction cups that provide sturdy and reliable hold for moving or positioning glass panels, wood or aluminum for windows. All vacuum suction cups we stock from reputable brands such as Veribor to deliver our customers the best value for the money they spend on a quality vacuum lifter. Order online today and save big.

Benefits of Suction Cups

Here, in today’s article, you can find a list of innovative ways to use Glass Suction Cups in a number of different environments, for a number of different tasks

Glass Suckers and Glass Suction Pads – Dortech Direct

If you are looking to lift glass weighing from 50kg to 150kg, Our glass suckers have comfortable lifting handles and incorporate rubber suction pads that help you securely moving and positioning the glass panels. With different load weights our lifter being plastic or aluminum - you will be able to choose the right lifter according to your unique needs. Shop with confidence!

Veribor Suction Lifters | Veribor Suction Cup – Dortech Direct Ltd

Veribor suction lifters have been completely redesigned and now come with an extended gripping area that provides improved carrying comfort. Veribor blue line series stands out due to innovative style, high performance material and sturdy aluminum together with an ergonomic plastic handle. The newly designed suction lifter is suitable for all materials with flat, airtight surfaces. We carry Veribor products directly from manufacturers to provide our customers a unique lifting experience at inexpensive prices. Shop with confidence!

Bohle Glass Suckers – Dortech Direct Ltd

Safe transportation of glass is a fundamental requirement for any user, and Bohleglass suckers have been specifically developed to make your day-to-day handling of glass job easier. Dortech Direct is a leading supplier of suction lifters in the United Kingdom. All Bohle products we offer are tested and certified to the highest standard. Shop now!

UPVC Glazing Tools – Dortech Direct Ltd

Find a great selection of handy tools and accessories suitable for repairs undertaken on Upvc window and doors. We stock high quality glazing tools from leading brands like Everbuild. All our products are designed to save you time, energy and money. Check out product catalog on our website at Dortech Direct to find your desired product at rock bottom price.

20 pack of Sikabond TF Plus N EPDM adhesive at just £175.00

Buy 20Pack of Sikabond TF Plus N EPDM adhesive which is suitable for bonding SikaMembran on to various building materials like: Concrete, Wood, Aluminum including powder coated, Most construction materials, EPDM gaskets and substrates.

Storage Condition: 12 months from date of manufacturing and it should be stored in undamaged original sealed containers as well as protect from direct sunlight.

Dortech Direct carries these products from direct manufacturers so able to deliver you as low as £175. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

PU038 Two Part Corner Adhesive

Buy solvent free, polyurethane based PU038 Two Component Corner Adhesive which is exclusively developed for bonding of corner angles of aluminum windows and doors. Dortech Direct carry these products in bulk from direct manufacturer Illbruck so we are able to deliver at your doorstep at cost-effective rates. The main benefits of using this product are:
• Solvent free
• Thixotropic - will not drip
• Good weather resistance
• Easy to apply
If you’ve any query/doubts about this product, please contact us at



The pump-action vacuum lifter is designed to make the carrying of large flat glass safe and easy. The basic components are a tough ABS handle, with zinc plated parts designed not to rust, attached to a precision moulded rubber suction pad.

Find the fantastic range of EPDM Rubber Membranes in a variety of thickness which are supplied in 20-25m rolls at Dortech Direct. Our growth and good reputation have allowed us to directly purchase from large manufacturers, permitting us to pass big savings on to our valued customers.

It is very easy to install and help effectively to reduce energy costs during colder months. Feel free to order online and avail free shipping.

Expanding Foam Tape | Expanding Joint Sealing Tape

Expanding foam tap is also called joint sealant and gap sealant tap that is available to buy direct online from Dortech Direct and get product shipped at your doorstep. We stock a range of high quality Expanding Joint Sealing Tape from leading brands such as Illbruck and Arbo. These products create weather tight seal that will protect against adverse weather like wind driven rain and fluctuating temperatures

Contact our friendly sales team (01484 411357) to know more about expanding foam tape and other countless products listed on our website

Tremco Compriband TP600 | Tremco Compriband Tape | Compriband 600

Poor insulation between openings, windows and walls is creating air leakage issues in buildings. Tremco Compriband works effectively to fill all voids with a 600Pa minimum water tightness, airtightness, Thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s recommended for use in most extreme weather applications

Dortech Direct offers Tremco Compriband in a wide variety of sizes to fulfill your most construction needs at cost effective rates. Send us an email at if you need more details about our Compriband tape.

  • At Dortech Direct, we offer a large selection of our product line from every type of glass clamps, waterproof membranes, lifting devices, to specialist silicone sealants all available to order right now at very affordable prices with fast and free delivery in all across the UK.

    As a leading company, we stock only high quality products from leading brands like Illbruck, Silverline, Skytec, Arbo and such as others. Our Tremco Compriband works effectively and is a great impregnated joint sealing tape that creates a weather tight seal against most sever combinations of wind and rain. All our products have been tried and tested well.

    In order to find a correct Compriband Expanding Foam Compression Tape on our site, you will just need to know the gap size. We also have a friendly sales team to assist you on your technical query and questions, for more details please email us at

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