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Top 10 Cuisines to Try in Jaipur – Listing the Best of Rajasthani Cuisine

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is simply put, an exhilarating sensory overload. Although the city has plenty of attractions, one of the key highlights has always been its diverse cuisine.


Dal Bathi Churma

In a nutshell, Dal Bathi Churma captivates the very essence of the city and its famed cuisine. Dal Bathi Churma combines three separate meals to offer a comprehensive dish that is filling. A staple meal in Jaipur, it is always present at events such as weddings and one can find the dish at most of the top restaurants in Jaipur. Bathi is flour rolled into a ball which is then cooked and dunked in ghee. It is most often served with dhal. Churma is another dish made with flour and is sweet in taste, which helps balance the taste of the other dishes.



This is a sweet dish that is commonly consumed in the city. It is very popular during the Teej Festival. The dish has a circular shape and is extremely oily. Ghevar consists of oil, flour and syrups and comes in a number of variations. Easy to find at hotels such as Alila Fort Bishangarh, try to taste as many variations of the dish as they all have a distinctive taste.


Pyaz ki Kachori

Although the origins of this dish lie in Jodhpur, Pyaz ki Kachori has turned out to be an immensely popular dish that is usually consumed for breakfast by the masses in Jaipur. Served hot, it is sold at a multitude of roadside stores to the many office going workers who stop by for a morning bite. Chutney is a common side dish that is served alongside the food. It is basically a pastry that is well fried and has onion fillings stuffed inside it. Be warned though, Pyaz ki Kachori has a reputation for being quite spicy.


Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is not exactly a dish as it inclines more towards a pickle. Furthermore, appetizing is hardly the word you will use when you first set your eyes on the dish. However, if you dare to look past all of the flaws and try out this vegetable and fruit dish, you are guaranteed to experience a taste that is simply unrivalled in terms of experience. It consists of berries and beans which are dipped in mustard oil, with mangoes thrown in for good measure too. Relatively unknown amongst the cuisine in the city, the origins of the dish make for an interesting read.


Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte Ki Sabzi is a form of dumplings that is favoured as a side dish. Made of gram flour, the dumplings are added to a curd curry that is known to be spicy. The dumplings are boiled prior to being dunked in the gravy, giving it a soft texture. To enjoy Gatte Ki Sabzi at its best, consume it with rice or roti, a form of flat bread, as it brings out the best elements of this authentic curry.