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Minnesota Fragrance-Free Policies

This is a list of Minnesota places and organizations with fragrance-free policies. Environmental Illness Network Minnesota is not endorsing or recommending the specific places, organizations, or policies on this list. This list is meant to be informational, and may be contributed to by those viewing it.

ADAPT Minnesota: ADAPT Minnesota Is Proud to Be Scent Free!

"ADAPT Minnesota members, friends, neighbors, and allies are asked to adhere to our scent-free policy to minimize the participation barriers and health risks that can be created by scented products for individuals experiencing challenges related to sensory, respiratory, neurological, immunity, and other bodily systems."

"Common Ground Meditation Center is committed to making our space as accessible as possible to everyone who chooses to come here to practice. The center is home to people who are very sensitive to chemicals, including fragrances, both synthetic and “natural”. Most of our participants at the center try to avoid deliberately wearing products such as perfume, hairspray, essential oils, lotions, etc. that are strongly scented. However, many are unaware that the chemical scents in laundry detergent and fabric softeners can be particularly problematic for those sensitive to them. Fortunately, unscented products , including laundry detergents, are now readily available at the Natural Food stores as well at the big chain stores."

Dr. Frederick L. Claussen - Chiropractor - PLEASE NOTE: OUR OFFICE IS 100% SCENT FREE! - Golden Valley, MN

"This is necessary due to many patients being very sensitive to scents. This means: NO Perfume, NO Aftershave, NO Cologne, NO Scented Lotions, NO Strongly Scented Deodorants, NO Hairspray, and NO Essential Oils. These scents are NOT allowed in the office! Please do not use any of these products when you come to our office! Thanks!"

Fairview Lakes Medical Center - Fairview Health Services - Wyoming, MN

"We are a fragrance-free and latex-free facility. Please avoid wearing perfume or aftershave. Do not bring latex balloons as gifts."

Faribault Middle School - About our Schools: Policies - Faribault, MN

"Respecting the sensitivity others may have to chemicals or fragrances, the Faribault Middle School Site Council has endorsed the view that students and staff refrain from wearing scented body sprays and lotions, hair sprays, colognes and perfumes. Products such as these contain volatile organic compounds which may cause detrimental physical, central nervous system and brain dysfunction."

HCMC Parkside Alternative Medicine Clinic - Minneapolis, MN

An image of HCMC Parkside Alternative Medicine Clinic's scent-free policy from 2012 "Please do not wear any scented products to your appointment: including perfume, aftershave, cologne" can be found at:

Integrative Health Care of Winona - Winona, Minnesota

"Scent Free Policy: Many of our patients are chemically sensitive to scents, perfumes lotions, and hair gel. We ask you that you refrain from wearing scented products on the day of your visit. You may be asked to reschedule if you have a scent on at time of visit."

Minnesota Council of Churches - Fragrances

"The theological challenge is: How do we eliminate fragrances for the health and well-being of the community and the inclusion of those in need of communing with God and participating in community, without losing the symbolic roots that form our faith identity and tradition?"

North Clinic (North Memorial Hospital) - Minneapolis, MN

"North Clinic is a fragrance sensitive environment. Out of consideration for patients, visitors and staff who may have sensitivities to fragrances, please do not wear perfumes, colognes, or heavily scented soaps or lotions."

Pathways - Scent-Free Policy - Minneapolis, MN

"This Scent Free policy is necessary due to the significant health risk to participants who are chemically sensitive, or who have compromised immune systems. The following are banned within the building and property... Those who are non-compliant will leave as opposed to those adversely affected."

St. Michael's Hospital - Sauk Centre, Minnesota

"To minimize the potential adverse allergic and/or medical reactions associated with exposure to scented products, St. Michael’s is now a SCENT-FREE facility. WHAT CAN YOU DO? Respect others by NOT wearing perfume, cologne, after-shave, or scented hairspray when coming into our facility. Do not bring strongly scented flowers into the facility. Check with the local floral shops for flowers with little or no fragrance."

Tooth by the Lake - Fragrance-Free Policy - Hopkins, Minnesota

These signs are posted at the Tooth by the Lake dental clinic in Hopkins Minnesota. They say: "Please help us maintain a fragrance free office! Scented products release chemicals which can trigger serious health reactions." & "For the health and comfort of everyone: please no cell phones."

University of Minnesota Guideline on Chemical Sensitivity

"Recognizing that chemical sensitivity is an issue that is not well understood, the University of Minnesota will evaluate each reported incidence of chemical sensitivity on an individual basis. Supervisors of reporting employees should seek evaluation help promptly from Disability Services and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety."

Wedge Co-op (Scent-Free Lane) - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"The Wedge does not place scented products near this lane for the convenience of our environmentally sensitive customers." You can learn more about The Wedge here:

Windom Area Hospital - Windom, MN

"Windom Area Hospital is a fragrance free facility. Because of allergies and sensitivities to perfumes and fragrances, we ask that employees, patients and visitors refrain from using scented products."