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Best Programming Tutorials

A regularly updated & hand-curated list of the best programming tutorials and resources.

Best JavaScript books, tutorials, courses & videos 2018 - ReactDOM

JavaScript skills are necessary to be a great web developer. JS runs the web. It is required to learn any JS framework from ReactJS to AngularJS, to make beautiful websites & web apps. Here's a list of the best JavaScript books, JavaScript courses, JavaScript tutorials & JavaScript videos to learn JavaScript in 2018.

Best React.js tutorials, courses & books 2018 - ReactDOM

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library by Facebook. React is the most popular JavaScript framework in 2018. React.js focuses primarily on speed, simplicity, and scalability. Here's the best ReactJS tutorials, ReactJS books & ReactJS courses in 2018 to help you learn ReactJS 2018.

Best Vue.js books, tutorials & courses 2018 - ReactDOM

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework for building interactive web interfaces. It was created by Evan You and first released in 2017. Vue.js is the V(View) in MVC(Model–view–controller). Some of Vue.js’s noteable featured include being component based, very fast, lean and extensible core, etc. Vue.js is gaining popularity very fast. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks, as per GitHub. Vue.js developers have seen a meteoric rise in demand, as more and more companies begin using Vue.js. To help you learn Vue.js properly, we’ve listed some of the best Vue.js books, tutorials, courses & videos in 2018.

Best Kotlin tutorials, books & courses 2018 - ReactDOM

Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language primarily used to make Android applications. It is easier to use than Java. Kotlin is the only officially supported language on Android besides Java. Here are the best Kotlin tutorials, Kotlin books & Kotlin courses to learn Kotlin in 2018.

Best Python books, courses, videos & tutorials 2018 - ReactDOM

Python is a high-level language & one of the most popular languages in the world. Named after Monty Python, it can be used for scripting. Everything from Data Science to Machine Learning can be carried out in Python. Here’s some of the best Python books, courses, videos and tutorials in 2018 to help you learn Python.

Learn React Native: Best React Native tutorials, courses & books 2018 - ReactDOM

React Native (based on React) allows you to build mobile apps by using JavaScript. Here's the best React Native tutorials, React Native courses, and React Native books to help you learn React Native in 2018.

Learn Node.js: Best Node.js tutorials, courses & books 2018 - ReactDOM

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript run-time environment for executing JavaScript on the server-side. Node.js developers are high in-demand & make great money. Here's the best Node.js books, Node.js courses & Node.js tutorials to help you learn Node.js in 2018.

Learn Docker: Best Docker tutorials, courses, & books 2018 - ReactDOM

Docker is the most popular DevOps tool. Docker is great for continuous deployment and testing. Docker containers make sure there is consistency across multiple developments and release cycles. Here are the best Docker tutorials, Docker books & Docker courses to learn Docker in 2018.

Learn DevOps: Best DevOps tutorials & best DevOps books 2018 - ReactDOM

DevOps is a software development & delivery process. Learn DevOps in 2018 from the best DevOps tutorials, best DevOps books &best devOps courses in 2018.