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How to Buy Good Travel Insurance

Most of us only know of travel insurance as a visa requirement. When we see the mention of one in a visa form or are asked by our travel agency if we want travel insurance, we are more often than not lost or confused about whom to go to for a policy and what to look for in a good policy. This of course means that we may purchase a policy that doesn’t cover our needs or get tricked into buying a policy we don’t need.


Do you need one?

It’s for this reason that you should be aware of how to buy good travel insurance.

The first question you’d ask about travel insurance is if you actually need one. Are you going to purchase a policy simply because it’s a visa requirement? Or because your travel agency keeps suggesting it? You may, but you shouldn’t. Travel insurance can cover a lot of important aspects while traveling, for instance medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost baggage, etc. Having a travel insurance policy will ensure the availability or accessibility of certain services and offer you a safety net in case of an emergency.


What to look for....

Deciding on a policy is the tricky part. Most of us don’t understand what a policy provides us with or what we are agreeing to. And since there are different types of coverage offered by policies, having at least a basic understanding of these will be of use when deciding on a policy.

Types of coverage include, medical, trip-cancellation or interruption, theft protection, evacuation, baggage, and collision.


Whom to go to...

When choosing a good travel insurance policy, it’s important to go to an insurance company that has made a name for itself but is also known for their good travel insurance plans. They will have the best options for you to choose from. Also remember that your travel agency isn’t an insurance company, so leave all your questions and doubts to the insurance company as opposed to your travel agent Zurich.

Bear in mind that often the insurance company suggested by your travel agency may involve additional fees and that you are not obliged to pick them. When it comes to selecting a travel insurance company, it’s also important to remember that there are a number of online services to choose from.

It’s also a good idea to talk to fellow travelers and see what their experiences with travel insurance have been. This will not only help you with what to look for in a policy but also point you in the right direction.


What is covered?

The most important part of a travel insurance policy is what it covers. This includes both coverage limits and also the extent of protection it affords. If you want maximum benefits from the travel insurance, you can’t go cheap. We tend to be optimistic and never expect the worst to happen, but when traveling, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What if your hiking trip abroad results in injury and treatment exceeds your coverage limit? What if you fall sick and have to cancel your holiday? What if your expensive camera gets stolen?
When you think about all this, coverage is important when choosing a good travel insurance policy. It depends on your needs and the nature of your travels so choose wisely.


What isn’t covered?

When purchasing a good travel insurance policy, it’s important to look at both what is covered and what isn’t. Injuries sustained from extreme sports are usually not covered by travel insurance. There could also be limits to electronic gear coverage so if you travel with a lot of expensive gadgets like laptops and cameras, you might want to get supplementary coverage.

It’s also important to know what countries the travel insurance policy doesn’t cover. You don’t want to run into trouble in a foreign country and be told that your insurance policy is of no use there.

This is why it’s important to look at the loopholes when choosing a good travel insurance. A policy can’t cover every aspect of your travels. And travel insurance is mostly used in case of emergencies, medical or otherwise. So you can’t expect everything to be covered by it.

There’s also the added benefit for travel insurance companies that most people are unaware of insurance jargon. This means that you can be talked into a policy that doesn’t meet all your needs. To avoid this, spend time comparing policies and reading the terms of the plan carefully.


Don’t wait....

If you’ve been meaning to buy travel insurance but wait until after you have to cancel your trip to purchase a policy, it won’t be of any use to you. While it may seem like an obvious thing, most people expect travel insurance to cover all aspects of the trip even if it took place before the purchasing of the policy.

So don’t wait until the very last minute to buy a policy. Don’t wait until your trip starts to purchase one. But do remember to purchase a good policy that covers your needs.

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