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  • These amazing dive sites in Koh Chang will inspire you to start your new adventure under water in Thailand
    We can’t deny that attractiveness of the dive site is the main purpose of divers to choose the location to go diving. Scuba Diving in Thailand can provide you one of the most breath taking natures with various aquatic animals. You can’t complete your under water adventure to discover another world in the sea of Scuba Diving in Thailand while visiting Koh Chang.

    Why Koh Chang is good place for diving?

    Koh Chang is one of the great location to learn to scuba diving Thailand with aquarium like conditions.When you start to learn to dive, you have a lot to think about, trying to learn in a strong current or with poor visibility just makes things harder. Here in Koh Chang, our dive sites have nearly no current and we usually have a great visibility. With good conditions like we have, you can focus on perfecting your newly learned skills. Also with less crowded places to go diving and with a good local quality dive center. you will feel like you and your instructor are the only ones underwater, which is such an incredible feeling.

    Where can you go scuba diving in Koh Chang?

    Dive site in Koh Chang, Thailand

    1 Koh Yuak, peacefully for practice scuba diving skills with beautiful corals.

    Time by our speedboat: 8 mins

    Depth: Average 10m

    In front of Kai Bae, Koh Yuak is a small inhabitant island in the gulf of Thailand, the small beach full of corals is perfect for snorkeling and assing your PADI Open Water Diver Course. Discover Scuba Diving at this island is ideal because there are sandy bottom for the scuba skills and shallow water with nearly no current.

    2 Hin Saam Sao, sloping reef with corals and rich marine lives.

    Depth: Average 11m / Maximum 16m

    Located in the Northwest of Koh Chang, it has a slightly sloping reef with a maximum depth of 16 meters and a visibility from 5 to 10 meters. A very good spot for snorkeling, teaching diving and rediscover diving if you hasn’t been diving since a while.

    3 Hin Rap North, combo diving sites around a rocky reef and rich corals with a small canyon.

    Depth: Average 11m / Maximum 16m

    Two dives can be done here, one around the rock, watching barracudas, turtles, batfish, stonefish, porcupine fish, stingrays and morays amongst both hard and soft corals.

    The second one is little bit deeper and located in the North and coming with lot of corals and smalls canyons. Rays, anemone fish, angelfish, groupers, parrotfish and triggerfish and mores are also regular encounters as is the occasional turtle

    4 Hin Luk Bath , a pinnacle that is located on the southeast corner of Koh Chang.

    Time by our speedboat: 18 mins

    Depth: Average 11m / Maximum 25m

    Prime dive sites around Koh Chang. Hin Luk Bath is a pinnacle that offers refuge to plenty of shoaling fish. There are moray eels, stingrays, parrotfish, snappers, fusiliers, big groupers, butterfly fish, banner fish, barracuda, angelfish, and many more. Passengers can observe dolphin on the way to the dive site. The pinnacle is surrounded by huge boulders that offer some great swim through. Great for night diving. The deepest point is 25 meters, but like in most of the dive we stay between 5to 16m. The abundance of Christmas tree worms makes it very colorful.

    5 Hin Raap South, combo diving sites for spotting turtles and big barracudas.

    Time by our speedboat: 24 mins

    Depth: Average 11m / Maximum 18m

    Hin Raap South is an underwater rock with two dives sites: one around the rock spotting turtle, batfish, stonefish, porcupine fish, stingrays, moray eels, often we see big barracuda and the other one off the North, deeper and richer in coral with a lovely canyon. Off course rays, morays, angelfish, groupers, triggerfish, anemonefish, parrotfish can be seen.

    6 Blue Berry, Hill: This dive site is famous for blue-spotted stingrays and schools of yellowtail barracudas.

    Depth: Maximum 16m

    Close to Hin Raab, a bare rock full of fish with only the Southside having corals. It’s a great place for spotting nudibranches, batfish, stingray, eels and groupers.

    7 HTMS Chang wreck 71, the ship has lots of things to explore, including the captain’s cabin.

    Time by our speedboat: 28 mins

    Depth: 33 m

    Htms Chang wreck Koh Chang, Thailand

    HTMS CHANG formerly the US Lincoln was sunk on the 22/11/12 around 5 km off the fisherman village of Bangbao on Koh Chang. For the travelers who are interested in wreck, it’s a dream. Scuba diving there is extremely exciting for the divers as this ship is over 100 meters long and it’s the biggest wreck for scuba diving in Thailand. HTMS Chang will provide many dives for wreck enthusiasts to explore. The wreck is ideally suitable for advanced divers but open water certified divers can still dive to 18m deep. Open Water divers are able to descend the tower and take a look at the captain’s cabin and then explore above deck and look at the gun turrets. Advanced divers are able to go deeper and there are some great swim through to get the adrenalin pumping. We are also able to offer wreck specialty course.

    That was all about interesting destinations to start your scuba diving in Thailand. Get ready and start your new adventures today.

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