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Lake Creek Winery

Lake Creek Winery is housed in a remodeled 1860’s farmhouse on top of the river bluffs near Marthasville, Missouri.


Welcome To Lake Creek Winery

Welcome to the river bluffs near Marthasville Farmhouse in Missouri with the spectacular view of the countryside. They offer Great wines, German food and live music for relaxing your mind. Visit Lake Creek Winery for enjoying the different type of German Wines with Countryside View. For getting more info on lake creek winery click here

Amazing German Food & Wine Farmhouse Marthasville | Lake Creek Winery

Lake Creek Winery a Spectacular farmhouse in the Marthasville, Missouri, and cover all type of music with their amazing German food & wines etc.


Lake Creek Winery to Make Day Enjoyable

Lake Creek Winery is the perfect destination to make the day enjoyable with your friends and families. They also have an amazing Tasting Room in Missouri country, offer one-on-one services during the week and have a beautiful marketplace filled with the unique gifts and German food. To Know more visit here


Variety of German Wines in Missouri

Every people has different taste from one another in the food, wine, fruits etc. In the Lake Creek Winery Farmhouse has the variety of German Wine & Food for everyone. They select best fruits for their guests for exceptional wines from California. They have all variety of wines from white to red and sweet to dry. Wanna Know more about German Wines, click here


Enjoy Amazing Events in Lake Creek Winery

Lake Creek Winery farmhouse has been settled on top of the hill with a wonderful view in Missouri. They organize many events such as Weddings, Valentines Parties, Birthday Parties, Private Events and much more others events with live music, amazing countryside view, Delicious German Food & Wine etc.


High Rated German Wine Farmhouse in Missouri

High Rated German Wine Farmhouse in Missouri

Lake Creek Winery a High Rated farmhouse in Missouri. This is place in the great valley of Missouri which makes your holiday memorable with the beautiful yard. This is also the Live music venue and offers best delicious German Food, and amazing German Wines in the different flavors, which helps you to refresh the mood in Winter. To know more about us visit here


Finest Lake Creek Winery Farmhouse

Finest Lake Creek Winery Farmhouse

Lake Creek Winery is one of the finest winery farmhouses in the Marthasville, Missouri. Here You can Enjoy the delicious & spicy German Food, Sweets, several flavourful German Wines with the wonderful view of the countryside. Their Wines are handcrafted and everyone enjoys their amazing relaxing tasting room. Click here to know more about the winery Farmhouse


Enjoy The Healthy And Flavorful German Wine

Lake Creek Winery is known in Missouri to provide German Wine in their amazing farmhouse. They choose the healthy fruits such as tropical fruit, Valvin Muscat grape, Traminette, Vignoles to produce the flavorful White and Red Wines. Valvin Muscat is a white grape which produces an aromatic wine with Muscat flavor, and the Vignoles grape is Missouri's versatile white grape, which we use to produce wine from dry to sweet. Their fruit adds the different flavor to the wines, that's the reason German wine is healthy and flavorful


Lake Creek Winery The Best Farmhouse in Missouri

Lake Creek Winery The Best Farmhouse in Missouri

Lake Creek Winery is one of the best winery Farmhouse in Missouri which make your day memorable and enjoyable in every event. They also organize Birthday parties, Wedding parties, Reception parties etc. in their wonderful hall. In this year they are going to organize the best Valentine Parties ever, you will definitely enjoy this seasonal party and it will be unforgettable for you. Wanna know more about this amazing Farmhouse, click here


Healthy German Wine

Healthy German Wine

German Wine is producing with the several types of fruits such as Norton, Vidal Blanc, Chardonel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Vignoles, Traminette, Valvin Muscat etc. These are selected through the Lake Creek Winery by visiting across the California and other cities, which are used to produce healthy German Wine for farmhouse’s every guest. Enjoy the Healthy German Wine in Lake Creek Winery Farmhouse. Wanna know more, click here


Lake Creek Winery Picturesque Area In Missouri

Lake Creek Winery with the amazing vineyard view organize the romantic wedding parties, ceremonies etc. This is the great place to enjoy events in the picturesque areas, twinkly lights, dancing under the stars, delicious German Food, healthy & flavourful German Wine. It is the perfect place for tent wedding, birthday parties, baby & bridal showers, Christmas parties even private parties. To know more about this perfect countryside farmhouse, click here


Flavorful German Wine in Missouri

Lake Creek Winery has developed farmhouse to provide you the best flavorful German White & Red Wines. Their winemaker's, blend Cabernet Sauvignon, that provides the berry fruits, juicy flavors in Red & White German Wine. Everyone enjoy the German wine in every season and events. Know more, click here


Lake Creek Winery The Pleasant Farmhouse

Lake Creek Winery one of pleasant winery house, located high on the bluff above the Missouri River at Marthasville which is famous for its wonderful food, wine, music and more. They are specialized to produce several German Wine, delicious food and makes sure that you can definitely enjoy the farmhouse’s beautiful view and healthy wines. To Know more, click here


Fine Great Collection of German Wines

Lake Creek Wine produce the exceptional collection of imported German wine from hand selected juicy fruits. Enjoy the Riesling German wine at Marthasville’s amazing farmhouse "Lake Creek Winery". They assist you to select and bring flavorful wine for you. You can see their wine list here


Lake Creek Winery The Amazing Farmhouse

Lake Creek Winery The Amazing Farmhouse

Lake Creek Winery is the Amazing Farmhouse located in Marthasville, Missouri with the peaceful countryside view. Whether You feel tired or want to freshen your mood then, that can be the best source to refreshen you. Here you can fully refresh your mood with great services such as live music, German fresh food & wine at great countryside view


Enjoy Various Type of German Wine

Generally People enjoy German wine mostly than other wines. So there is a beautiful farmhouse, which produces flavourful german wines with the several best fruits and located in Missouri at the top of the hill. Now everyone enjoys the German wine in their amazing farmhouse's tasting room. Know more, click here


Lake Creek Winery With Great View in Marthasville

Lake Creek Winery the pleasant farmhouse located at the top of the hill in Missouri which is famous for organizing the parties and events. If you are looking for the wedding party organizer at Marthasville, Lake Creek Winery is the finest farmhouse for you with their perfect countryside view which adds the creative & peaceful view on your memorable day


Looking For a German Wine in Missouri?

Are you Looking for a fresh and flavorful German Wine in Missouri? Lake Creek Winery is the Winery farmhouse, which provides the different type of German wines and makes your day wonderful. You will feel fresh to drink their German wine because their winemaker chooses several juicy fruits from California to make red & white wine. Know more here


Lake Creek Winery For Your Special Occasions

Lake Creek Winery is a leading winery house in Marthasville at the top of the hill. They are not only famous for their wines they also organize the events, birthday parties, baby shower, wedding etc. and makes your day unforgettable with the amazing decoration with beautiful lighting, florals, German wines & food. The view of the Missouri hills adds extra beauty to your Occasion


Refresh Your Mood With Flavoured German Wine

Enjoy German Wine on your special occasion or any event at the Pleasant Farmhouse which is located at the top of the river bluffs near Marthasville. They offer very best varietal from Missouri in the regions of German heritage. Relax and refresh your mood with flavored German Wine and the spectacular view of the countryside


Lake Creek Winery The Wonderful Farmhouse

Lake Creek Winery the Wonderful place for enjoying German wine and Private Occasions such as the wedding, birthday party, baby and bridal shower, Reception etc. It's an amazing place with beautiful view of the Marthasville, Missouri to Enjoy your day with lots of fun, German wine, food etc. Know more, click here


German Wine To Feel Fresh

German Wine To Feel Fresh

German Wine good for health and best than other wines, because it is produced by several fresh juicy fruits. Lake Creek Winery is leading winery house, which delivers German Wine and specialized to arrange a customized event in their beautiful yard. German Wine can be a great source to remove their stress level and feel fresh


Perfect Place For Enjoying the Moments

The Perfect Place for enjoying your moments is Lake Creek Winery which has a wonderful tasting room where you can enjoy the German Wine and Food which is located on top of the hill surrounded with patio, pavilions. Here a great seating area to enjoy the event with the beautiful view. Know more here


Make Your Day With Amazing German Wine

With the German Wine, you can enjoy yourself in the sunny weather at the wonderful location, change your mood, remove stress with the Red and White German Wine. Everyone like the White German Wine So, Lake Creek Winery comes with the several flavourful White German Wine and makes sure you will enjoy the wine in any occasion


Lake Creek Winery a Trustworthy Venue For German Wine

Are You Looking for Wonderful Winery house in your budget for organizing your Wedding? So, Lake Creek Winery is here for you, which comes with the amazing services in a cost-effective manner. Their services are trustworthy and their German Wine & Food are amazing. Enjoy their services in a good manner