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Updated by Saad Raja on Feb 01, 2018
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Best Articles on Saad Raja Marketing Site

Saad Raja is an experienced marketeer with a great blog website, these are some of the best articles that feature on the site.

Saad Raja on Effectively Marketing Your Business to Millennials

As millennials are becoming one of the most dominant consumers, businesses are constantly looking for the best ways to market to them. Definitions of millennials differ, but you’re broadly looking at targeting people born between the early 1980s to the mid 1990s. Saad Raja

Saad Raja on how to use gamification to boost your marketing - Saad Raja

Gamification is a rising marketing trend that’s bringing a lot of fun to businesses and consumers. Many marketing professionals are realizing its value and ditching the campaign model in favour of gamification or running the two alongside one another. Saad Raja

Saad Raja on the Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2018

With the release of so many new technologies in recent months and those to come, there are some new marketing trends to adopt in 2018. AI, AR, machine learning, voice-optimised content, quantitative-based marketing, personalization, live events, all top the list. Saad Raja discusses.

Saad Raja on How Successful People Plan Their Time - Saad Raja

Successful people have one thing in common: great time management. Time is equivalent to what money you can make in that time, so making the most of your time is key to success. Saad Raja breaks down the key elements to effectivley managing your time.

Saad Raja on Honing your Negotiating Tactics to get the Best Deal

Saad Raja - Whether you’re starting a business or maintaining a successful one, you’ll face hundreds of negotiations in the course of your career. In fact, nearly everything in business will require a negotiation of some kind, so it’s best to have good techniques to get you the best deals.