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B&R Food Services

B&R food was established in 2004 as a wholesale meat Dealers in Los Angeles, serving meat markets and large kitchen facilities. With the passage of time we understand the needs of our costumer for a full line company, one place to shop for all of their needs, we have collaborated with vendors inside the city and across the US to make sure that all of our costumers getting all their needs from us -

Wholesale Meat Suppliers in Los Angeles - B&R food Services

*Contact B&R food Los Angeles Meat Wholesale, serving meat markets and large kitchen facilities with the lowest price and money back safety net. Hurry! Call us now 1-323-741-1519


Food services distribution LA California USA - B&R food Services

B&R food provide Food services distribution like Egg wholesaler, Wholesale Seafood, Poultry Wholesale and many more in LA California USA. Call us now 1-323-741-1519.

Egg wholesaler LA California USA - B&R food Services

Contact B&R food, largest Egg wholesaler in LA California USA. Serving large kitchen facilities with the lowest price and money back safety net. Call us now 1-323-741-1519

Seafood Wholesale | Seafood Wholesaler LA California USA - B&R food Services

Call B&R food now 1-323-741-1519 for Seafood Wholesale. We are largest Seafood Wholesaler LA California USA with the lowest price and money back safety net

Poultry Wholesaler Los Angeles California USA - B&R food Services

Looking for Poultry Wholesaler Los Angeles California USA, Call B&R food Services now 1-323-741-1519. Largest Poultry Wholesaler Los Angeles California USA

BIG C TENDER 8026 RAW BREADED CHICKEN TNDR - Uncooked Breaded Chicken Tenderloins

Tender bread6069502653#8024 (BIG C BREADED CHICKEN TENDERLOINS UNCOOKED 10 LB B - Uncooked Breaded Chicken Tenderloins at Price rate of $25.27 . Visit us for more details

Chicken Breast 6 Oz. Double Fresh Boneless Skinless

6 oz Chicken BONELESS SKINLESS BREAST NO/TEND 24 PC. Fresh juicy chicken breasts. Boneless skinless pure chicken perfection. visit us for more details

Is Eating Fresh Seafood Wholesome To Our Health?

Research has spoken in positive about seafood. Add to that, many people who depend on below Seafood as their primary source of protein with B&R food Services the wholesale meat Dealers in Los Angeles

Top Places to Buy Wholesale Meat Online

B&R FOODS has an assortment of food products suiting the custom and budgetary needs of its customers. Read Now

How to find Dependable and Reputable Wholesale Food Distributors

There are two types of food distributes available around us. One, who specialize in literally every aspect of food industry and thus do not necessarily serve well except earning fat pocket for them and the two, who have a specialized and dedicated niche, understands the pinpointed requirements of their segmented audience and thus serve extremely well and slowly but steadily rise to fame.

Seafood Is Delectable, Wholesome And Easy To Prepare

Gone are the days when fish and prawns were the only choices of sea food. Today, there is whole wide range of varieties of sea food available which is delectable, wholesome and easy to prepare. Among the many varieties, it is the fish, shell fish, shrimp, crab, Lobster and Squid. Apart from these there are some other unique options too those are available only in few parts of the world.

The logical way to find dependable and reputable wholesale food distributors

A successful food outlet is very important to have dependable and reputable wholesale food distributors in Los Angeles

Reasons To Buy Wholesale Meat Online

The Reason to buy the Wholesale Meat online is much easier than buying it from the store at the affordable rate and discount. Some of the websites that promise online meat at wholesale price is BR food services

The Latest Trends Of The Food Service Distribution Industry

It will not be wrong to say that if explored well this industry still has wealth of opportunities to explore the food service distribution industry easily. Visit B&R Food Services Now

How To Run A Fortunate Wholesale Meat Distribution Business?

People who are planning to enter into the business of meat distribution are perfectly on the right track. It is one of the highest earning businesses in the market. People who are running wholesale meat distribution business are earning high profits.

When and why to buy meat from wholesaler?

The above mentioned tips and tricks can definitely help you in cracking the best deal while buying wholesale meat in Los Angeles.

How To Find Affordable Quality Meat Online

Gone are the days when you use to look around to search for a butcher who will kill the chicken to give you fresh pieces of meat. All thanks to internet and the big meat online stores in Los Angeles who promise to deliver fresh and healthy meat at your doorsteps.

Benefits Of A More Transparent Meat Industry Near Los Angeles

A transparent meat industry is the need of the hour. Given tough competitive market, manipulative pricing, and wrongdoings that lead to major consumer confusions and ultimately affect the goodwill of the industry altogether, companies that deal in meat industry need to be more transparent.