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The 5 best articles about Getting Things Done methodologies

Articles to help you get things done using the GTD system. Once you try it, you'll never be the same. Follow along and become a rockstar in the office.

Productivity 101: A Primer to the Getting Things Done (GTD) Philosophy

Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a system for getting organized and staying productive. It may seem complicated on the outside, but the end goal is to spend less time doing the things you have to do so you have more time for the things you want to do. Let's break it down and see how you can apply a simplified version to your life.

Getting Things Done, Ten Years In

You don’t hear a lot of people talk about the Getting Things Done productivity system anymore. It’s not as colorful or Insta-friendly as the Bullet Journal, and although various apps have claimed to “work with GTD,” they’ve all fallen slightly short—because, at its core, GTD is analog.It’s a system that works less well if you let Gmail automatically sort your email into categories, or if you let an app scan your docs to pull out to-dos or calendar items, since the whole point of GTD is that you are actively tracking and collecting every task, responsibility, or concern (aka “Open Loop”) that comes your way. You have to review every email and write down every appointment, because if you spend any time worrying whether an app has neglected to auto-schedule something, that’s an Open Loop that’s taking up space in your mind and preventing you from getting something else done.

David Allen, Inventor of “Getting Things Done”, on the Future of Productivity

David Allen, inventor of the "Getting Things Done" methodology & speaker at TNW Conference in 2016, gives us his perspective on the future of productivity.

A beginner’s guide to Getting Things Done® – Zenkit

Getting Things Done is a time management technique that took the world by storm when it was first published in 2001. It was created by David Allen after years of research and practice in the field of…

How to set up GTD in Zenkit – Zenkit

An introduction to Getting Things Done with Zenkit. Learn how to set up a GTD workflow and keep it running.