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The 5 Best Zwift resource websites

Looking for great news and information about Zwift? Here are my top 5 resources

Getting Started | Zwift Insider

Zwift automatically changes your rider’s position on the bars between the hoods and drops based on two factors: speed and drafting.

Zwift Archives -

If you use a Smart Trainer in combination with Zwift, you may or may not be aware of the “Trainer Difficulty” setting slider. Zwift essentially describes this slider as the ability to scale the feel of your climbs from 0 to 100%. This has no effect of on your speed, as you still use the same power to move your avatar. Zwift routinely considers the gradient to be half of the true grade. What this means is that your default setting on Zwift is at 50%. To put that in real world terms, it would essentially make a 10%...

Links & Resources | The Zwift Community

This list will continue to grow over time.. Company Zwift Company Website Zwift Support and Feature Requests Official Zwift Company page on Facebook Public Community Pages Unofficial Zwift Discussion Forums over at Zwfiting! Competitive cyclist John Greig has put together a Zwift Team Racing Registration page where you can log in and associate yourself with a particular Zwift team in-game. From there, you can track your race results on René's race results site. UK Doctor and cyclist James Gill has been writing and maintaining "The (Unofficial) Community Zwift Manual" which has very detailed answers to almost every Zwift question you might have. It even includes many jersey codes so you can customize your Zwift rider out of the box with new kits! James is also riding for Bikes4Breasts in support of breast cancer, and if you have the means to show your support him with a RideOn in-game or donating to his cause, it would really help many people impacted by breast cancer. Live, broadcasted coverage of Zwift events by Nathan Guerra on Need a place to pick up a new workout to try on Zwift? Created a great workout you want to share with others? Then Zwift Workouts is the place for you! News, Reviews and Zwift Cycling Blues can be found on Zwift Reviews. Skye Nott has written a very detailed article on "How to Organize a Race on Zwift". It's a question that come up often on Zwift, so if you're a race organizer or simply want to participate in a scheduled ride or race on Zwift, this is a great resource. Zwift Radio Podcast Simon Schofield, journalist and author at Cycling Weekly Magazine has put together a great audio podcast for Zwift riders and enthusiasts. The episodes have interviews from Pro riders, Zwift company staff, community supporters, vendors and more! Catch up with it each month and stay current with the latest and greatest in the Zwift universe! ZwifCast! (also on PodBean and SoundCloud) Community (Facebook Groups) This is only a sampling, there are hundreds of groups, which you can find here Zwift HQ Official Company Page Zwift Community Page on Facebook (8,000+ members as of 2016-01-07) Zwift Workouts Zwift Ladies-Only Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) Beer Ride Sub-2w/kg Zwift Riders Zwift Zlow Riders Club PNW Zwift Group Zwift Over 50's Zwift Venting Area Zwift Coders Zwift ODZ Group Zwift Brasil Zwift 대한민국 (Korea) Zwift ~ Ride on 4 Health Zwift Türkiye Zwift West OZ Zwift Danmark Zwift ライダース (Japan) ...and many, many more! Zwift Event Calendar The Zwift Calendar on TeamUp has multiple calendars you can subscribe to with your own calendaring client, mobile device, tablet or simply browse via the web. Most to all of the scheduled rides, events, charity rides and other Zwift activities are found there. Pick a time, pick a ride you like and join in! Zwift Calendar (on TeamUp) Zwift Race Results René Rolighed has used the Strava API and linked it to the race and ride results provided by Zwift to bring together a Race Results scoreboard. It's a great resource if you want to see how you did, if you placed high in the podium and how others racing in the pack around you did. Great work, René! Zwift Nation Development Adding your Strava data to your Zwift Community profile here Zwift Coders :: A group dedicated to development and integrating Zwift with other services and projects

Zwift Power - Events

Live and finalised results for Zwift races

Zwift: Everything you need to know - Cycling Weekly

The Zwift turbo trainer game has taken cycling by storm, but if you're not up to speed here's our complete guide to get you set up and riding round Watopia.