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5 Cultural Sights to Explore in Hong Kong – Vintage Allures to Charm

Hong Kong may be a cosmopolitan city of huge skyscrapers, but explore deep and you will be treated to a number of cultural treasures, such as vintage temples, magical Chinese gardens and museums.


Wong Tai Sin Temple

This is a Taoist temple, which is also home to Confucian and Buddhist texts. It is a majestic structure always full of devout worshippers. The temple is popular for many prayers being answered and is also a top venue for many devotees to come and confess their sins. Kau Cim is practised at this shrine, it is a form of fortune telling, where wooden sticks inscribed with predictions are shaken inside a bamboo cup; do pay the place a visit even if you are not superstitious and do not practise the faith. A marvellous complex for the culture buff Wong Tai Sin Temple, around 20 - 25 minutes from Park Hotel Hong Kong, will certainly take you back in time.


Po Lin Monastery and Big Buddha

Planning to visit this attraction is also, a pretty good excuse to check out beautiful Lantau Island. The Tian Tan Buddha together with the Po Lin Monastery are both iconic attractions sitting against a backdrop of sea, mountains and lush environs. The Buddha statue at 34 metres is the world's largest seated bronze Buddha statue. It sits on a huge alter which also serves as an exhibition room, within which you will find a six ton bell, which tolls six times a day, while there you will come across a number of vintage Buddhist relics. Explore and relish the impressive architecture, highlighting the beautiful shrine room and entire monastery.


The Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is located in a secluded sector of the city, far from the bustle of crowds, but also only about 25 minutes away from Tsim Sha Tsui hotels; hence it is on your route and a lovely place to explore. Home to a number of ancient artefacts chronicling the city's past, the museum consists of six galleries; these are categorised and based on culture, history and the arts. Make sure to visit the Cantonese Opera Hall, quite an impressive exhibit complete with a vintage bamboo theatre. There you can marvel at the elaborate and elegant antique costumes and accessories, most of which have been donated by popular opera singers.


Lam Tsuen

Lam Tsuen is a 700 year old village community, the most iconic feature there are the two huge banyan trees. Known as wishing trees, in the past locals and visitors would write their wishes, wrap it up in an orange and throw it into the branches. Although the practice is now prohibited in an effort to protect the vintage trees, you can still explore the ancient community and customs within the villages.


Sam Tung Uk Museum

Located in the Tsuen Wan District, this museum so named after it three beamed floor layout is a marvellous place to learn about Hong Kong before it became a jungle of skyscrapers. Initially constructed in the 18th century, the former Hakka walled village is now a treasured historical monument.

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