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Updated by Desired Smiles on Dec 18, 2020
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Desired Smiles - Best Dental Clinic in Burlington

At Desired Smiles, we offer a relaxing dental experience and work to alleviate both the pain and the fears of our patients. The environment at Desired Smiles will help you relax and feel comfortable while you receive your dental treatments For more information visit us at

Desired Smiles by Dr. Walter Heidary: Family Dentistry in Burlington

You are never too old to get your desired smile with perfect looking teeth. If you are not satisfied with your teeth, then visit Desired Smiles by Dr. Walter Heidary to get your dental health back on track.


Dental Services by Dr. Walter Heidary: Our Philosophy of Care

At Desired Smiles, we foster relationships with all clients by providing skilled services & by treating every person who walks through our doors with sensitivity & empathy.

Dental Bonding in Burlington – Transform Your Smile

Dental Bonding is a great way to improve the look of your teeth. It is an economical alternative to veneers and you can instantly transform your smile. Before and after pics of our patients after the Dental Bonding process.

Causes and Prevention of Teeth Grinding

So you grind your teeth, no big deal, right? Actually, wrong – grinding your teeth can cause some serious damage.

How To Improve Your Dental Health - General Dentistry Burlington

For a perfect smile, you need to have good looking teeth. It is very important to follow proper oral hygiene for your overall health. Read this blog for 7 tips to improve your Dental Health.

All You Need to Know About Bad Breath? - General Dentistry Burlington

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem to have. There are many causes of Bad Breath but poor oral hygiene is the main factor responsible for Bad Breath. Read this blog for detailed information about the causes and prevention of Bad Breath.

Best rated dental clinic in Burlington

At Desired Smiles, we provide you with comfortable and convenient services in a relaxing atmosphere. Our professional and courteous staff takes care of all your Dental Needs.

Gum disease and its treatment in Burlington by Desired smiles

All you need to know about Gum disease and its treatment in Burlington

TMJ therapy in Burlington

All you need to know about TMJ Therapy in Burlington

5 Common Signs of Dental Cavity

Cavities are the second most common problem after the common cold in adults and children. If left untreated, can result in infection, tooth decay and eventually, tooth loss. Here are some common symptoms of a dental cavity. Read this file for further information.

Best Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common problem that affects around 30% of the world’s population aged 30 and above. It occurs when the tongue falls back and blocks the airway resulting in the vibration of respiratory structures. If snoring is affecting your life and disturbing your partner’s sleep, then read this file to find out the best ways to stop it.

Safe Dental Care in Burlington - Desired Smiles

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and conduct our daily activities. To prevent the spread of the virus and keep people safe, various precautionary steps have been put in place in every industry and workplace.

At Desired Smiles, we too have added enhancements to our patient care that include excellent sterility procedures, contactless patient experiences, dental PPE and many more to ensure that we continue to provide you safe, comfortable, and top-quality care when you return to our clinic. Read this blog post to learn more.

Neuromuscular Dentistry in Burlington – Dr. Heidary Family Dentistry

Suffering from chronic headaches or a sore jaw? If your bite (the way your teeth meet each other when your mouth is closed) is not properly aligned, then it can affect your face, jaw, head, neck resulting in chronic headaches, migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, jaw clicking or popping, snoring, sleep apnea, sensitive teeth and many more.

At Drs. Heidary and Ghoreshi Dental Group, we practice a technique called neuromuscular dentistry, which looks at the relationship between your teeth, your muscles, and your joints. Through painless electrical muscle stimulation techniques, we help your tense jaw and facial muscles relax. For more information and to book a free consultation, visit