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Top 5 things to do in Negombo - An introduction to a tropical beach vacation

Negombo, Sri Lanka: the beach-front haven that is mere minutes away from the place of landing. There is much to do here that embodies a tropical island vacation.


Visit the Dutch Fort

Sri Lanka has been under several nationalities for centuries, and have remnants of these periods to date. The Dutch Fort in Negombo is one of these. Although not as tourist-centred as the one in Galle, the Dutch Fort in Negombo gives an idea of the architectural expertise of the Dutch traders. It was built in 1678 and serves as a prison today, a highly functional administrative centre out of all the Dutch Forts.


Drop by the main fish market

Negombo is famous for its seafood, even among the locals. From prawns to lobsters to crab, there is plenty of catch to see at the main fish market in Negombo. It is from here that seafood is sourced for all the best beach hotels in Sri Lanka, and is well worth a visit. Be prepared to get assaulted with loud noises, strong smells, and boisterous crowds. The local fishing community is hospitable but is quite conscious of their trade and its importance.


Take a spin through Muthurajawela

Muthurajawela is a vital component of the local ecosystem. It is a marshland that sustains the local flora and fauna, in addition to being a natural mode of water regulation. According to historical sources, Muthurajawela was a rice farm, over which the Dutch had built a canal. This caused it to become a saline marshland over time, ending up being the stretch of saline haven that it is today. Boat rides can be arranged to tour the marshes. Ideally, these tours should take place either early in the morning or late evening, where the Sun can cast the whole place in a new light.


Admire the places of worship

Negombo is popular for its strong Catholic community. Bearing testimony to this, there are churches almost every ten feet along the main road. The entire town erupts in festivities towards Christmas and on church feast days. While the churches are the more prominent feature, there are several historically important temples, too. Some of these temples house libraries that are over three centuries old. There are kovils as well, where evening prayers are the ones that are most looked forward to. Negombo is a good place to visit all these places of different religious worship and is an apt example of the multi-religious nature of Sri Lanka.


Relax on the beach

There is no point in staying in a coastal town like Negombo if no time is spent on the beach. The best way to make sure that there is ample beach time is to find accommodation in a beachfront property like Amagi Beach. Spend an evening watching one of the spectacular sunsets that the west coast of the island is famous for, with a chilled king coconut in hand, and toes dug into the warm, soft sand. Or start the day in style by taking a dip in the welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean that lap away at the golden beach.

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