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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Reasons why you should Apply Face Masks – Revel in a bit of "me" time

Face masks are generally considered the ideal treatment for a person's skin, since they are inexpensive, easy to use and easily available, but that's just the beginning.


Relaxes your mind and spirits

Not only are face masks good at enhancing your facial skin and beauty but they are also known to be calming. This is why you can find this treatment at most Sri Lanka Spa Hotels, the likes of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort. The face masks are blended with scented oils like mint and rosemary, which are known to uplift a person's spirit and allow them to de-stress themselves. The ambience of a spa complete with its soft lighting and calm surroundings just adds to the sensation. By the end of the face mask, you are guaranteed to feel stress-free and livelier.


Deeply cleanses your skin

Washing your face every day will remove dirt and impurities from your face, but only to a certain extent. This is where a facial mask comes in handy. A face mask can cleanse your face to a deeper level than soap and water could. It does remove oil and dirt from the face but what's important is that they clean out impurities hidden below the top skin layers. This deep cleansing shows a clear improvement in your facial skin.


Unclogs pores

As mentioned above, a facial mask can remove dirt and surplus oil present on the face. Furthermore, it removes dead skin layers present on the face. When all these impurities are removed, the pores on a person's skin are unclogged too. It is an open secret that clogged pores can cause an array of issues. When clogged, pores house bacteria that can cause pimple breakouts and other unsightly problems on our skin. Giving yourself regular face masks help ensure that you have clean and blemish free skin. Face masks consist of a product called bentonite, which is known to be great for cleaning pores. Most spas include that in their face masks, but if you are trying it out on your own, ensure that the face mask contains bentonite.


Gives your skin a radiant glow

A little known fact about face masks is that they increase the blood circulation in the facial area. The mask drying and hardening itself on the skin make the blood vessels expand which brings back the rosy tinge to your skin. Added to that, the removal of dead skin layers from your face reveals newer and cleaner skin hidden below it. The end result is that you have much smoother skin that glows and also feels much softer.


It boosts your normal skin care regime

This is a something that is relatively unknown. The regular use of face masks ensure that the other lotions and creams you use for your face are absorbed at a much faster rate and usually have a more profound effect on the skin. So if you want your skin care products to perform faster and better so you can have the skin you wish for, just opt for a face mask every now and then.