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Headline for Why Big Buddha Temple in Koh Samui is Worth a Visit? – Explore a Hallmark of a Tropical Island
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Why Big Buddha Temple in Koh Samui is Worth a Visit? – Explore a Hallmark of a Tropical Island

Thailand is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to be found in the 21st century, and has an astonishing range of attractions to see and experience, the Big Buddha Temple is an example.


It's in Koh Samui!

After Phuket, Koh Samui is Thailand's largest island, and a famous tourist destination because of her pristine beaches, lush tropical splendour and many festivals and events that are unique to the island. The island recently obtained municipality-status and has been a self-governed entity ever since 2012. The island continues to grow in appeal and attracts more people every year to experience the bounty of adventures that are available on the island.


There Really is a Big Buddha

The temple is named so because of the statue of the Buddha that exists within the temple complex. The Big Buddha statue in question is iconic for depicting the Lord Buddha is a state of calm spiritual bliss, indicating his resolve and purity. This particular posture and depiction is based on the story of how Lord Buddha overcame the demon Lord Mara's attempts to tempt him with three beautiful maidens. The expression on the statue's face is a reflection of the clarity that Lord Buddha gained after overcoming Lord Mara's efforts. The Mara posture involves the Buddha placing his right hand facing downwards above the right knee, and the left open and facing up on his left lap.


There's a Depiction of the Future Maitreya

In Buddhism it is believed that when the teachings of the Lord Buddha have been forgotten then another bodhisattva will appear to spread the dharma throughout the world and mankind. A bodhisattva is a term used to refer to any individual that has achieved complete enlightenment and Buddha-hood with the purpose of enlightening other beings. Although Bodhisattvas are commonly depicted in various Buddhist temples all around the world, it is quite rare to find a depiction of the future Maitreya, making this a remarkable place of worship, and a definite place of interest.


There's a Big Buddha Beach!

Incredibly, there's an eponymous beach to be found as well, and it's absolutely beautiful. White powdery sands, turquoise waters, and pockets of lush rainforest await anyone who visits this place. You can enjoy all of this with the massive Big Buddha Statue in the background. This is definitely a great opportunity to snap some unforgettable pictures.


There's Plenty of Shops

The bazaar situated around Big Buddha Temple is quite comprehensive with plenty of items to peruse through. If you're staying at one of many Koh Samui 5 star resorts situated in the nearby area, such as Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort then you should visit the temple just to take a look through the various shops to be found here. The shops here have a wide range of clothing, along with more notable items such as Thai wines, street food, and a wide variety of hand-made souvenirs that will surely entice you with their colourful creativity.