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Benefits of a Massage - Full Body Benefits of Merely Minutes of Massaging

A massage is a pampering experience that relaxes and rests the tired mind and body. There any many benefits to having a massage, some more important than one is likely to assume.


Alleviate muscle pain

Chronic muscle pain, constant fatigue, and tenderness of body are often a common occurrence in those leading busy lives. It, in fact, is a symptom of Fibromyalgia, which is a condition that is prompted by stress and lack of sleep. Having regular massages have been found to help with this condition, as it alleviates muscle pain and is good for reducing stress too. In fact, massages are often prescribed to patients with Fibromyalgia, as a simple massage can do wonders for this feeling of pain and fatigue that is experienced by many.


Improve the mood

There is a reason why there are many a spa resort in Maldives, Bali and other popular destinations. Massages have been found to drastically improve the mood, as it takes away stress and subconscious pain from the body, allowing the mind to relax. Furthermore, the oils and even the music used in spas during massages have been found to relax the mind, put it at east, thus ensuring that the mood of the client is at an optimal level by the end of the massage. This does not mean one feels giddy, though. A massage simply puts your mind at ease, and in a good mood.


A killer of migraines

A migraine is a type of a headache that is difficult to deal with. It often is triggered by lack of sleep, stress, or in some cases, even food. A migraine is not a headache that can be treated with a painkiller, nor does to go away after a couple of hours. Studies have found that those who go for regular massages have a lower frequency of a migraine than those who don't. They are able to have a better sleeping cycle and have often experienced no headache for up to three weeks after receiving a massage.


Lowers blood pressure

If one is to analyse the duration of spa treatments and massages of higher end spas like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, it would be apparent that a minimum of 30 minutes is dedicated to a massage. This is because a massage of 30 minutes or more has been found to help sustain healthy levels of blood pressure, provided they are carried out regularly. The ideal would be to have a massage once a week and keep it to a routine.


Helps with carpal tunnel and similar conditions

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is common among those who use their hands in the same position over an extended period of time. It is painful and uncomfortable, often without an immediate cure. It has been found that having regular massages can help with conditions like Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Although the complete treatment of it is a long process involving surgery and medication, massages have been found to help reduce the pain and even restore a semblance of normalcy into the way Carpal Tunnel patients operate in their daily lives.