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Headline for Importance of Taking a Vacation - Why Vacations must be a Mandatory Part of the Annual Plan
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Importance of Taking a Vacation - Why Vacations must be a Mandatory Part of the Annual Plan

Not that anyone would say no to a vacation, but there are some important health benefits of this seemingly pampering activity that is vital for the long-term sustenance of an individual.


It's a stress buster

Each and every individual is often caught up in a lot of work, that personal time and space are often disregarded. Whether it is about bringing work home, making work a second home, or simply having the next deadline, meeting, or the event play in your mind, work can easily stress people out. A vacation is a good way to relieve this stress. Vacations give a much-needed break into a tiresome routine that helps to reduce stress levels.


It's a bonding exercise

Vacations are rarely taken in solitude. They are often a family activity or an activity done with a group of friends. This allows for the relationships that have often been relegated a secondary role to work, to be rekindled and strengthened. Especially if the vacation includes spending time at a secluded location like Chiang Rai hotels or even camping, this experience becomes all the stronger. It is about finding time to reconnect with people who are important and restoring a balance to life that has not been there before.


It's a good therapist

Many studies have shown that depression and other mental illnesses have been on the rise in the past few years. Research has also shown that those who take regular vacation are at a lower risk of being depressed. The idea is that by reconnecting to a core part of self and the surrounding, mental health can be assured. For example, a nature lover spending some time at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, an ideal haven for the elephant lover is more likely to feel a rush of gratification and satisfaction that reduces their risk of being subjected to a mental disease.


It's a new lens to see the world

As clich├ęd as it may sound, travelling is the great leveller. It provides different perspectives and outlooks on life, especially if the travelling is to parts of the world or the country previously unexplored. Each area has its unique personality. A vacation allows for these alternative perspectives and cultures to seep into the familiar world, making it a better, diverse place. Vacations are extremely important for those in the creative fields, as it gives fresh ideas and viewpoints that can be highly beneficial in the work sphere as well.


It's an incentive

Humans by nature are a species that are more driven towards a particular goal if there is a strong incentive. Vacations can serve as this incentive, which will ensure that the work life is given appropriate attention. By scheduling vacations to coincide with important milestones and targets give individuals the necessary drive to achieve these goals. Furthermore, by simply having something positive to look forward to enables individuals to get through more difficult times with minimal negative impact. The best idea is to plan the next getaway as soon as one returns from one, so an unbroken cycle is maintained.