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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Fishing Tricks - Top Tips for your Maldivian Expedition

If you are planning on hitting the waters in the Maldives to bait and hook some great catch, here are some of the best tips you need to keep in mind.


Make creative use of your soft baits

When it comes to inedible bait or soft bait that is usually made of plastic, you can get extremely creative. Use a marker to draw patterns on the bait to give it a more fish-like appearance. These patterns will make your bait all the more attractive.


Dress up the jigs

Bluefish, Bass, and Cod are found in abundance in any bit of the sea surrounding a Maldives eco resort. The best way to lure these fish are the diamond jigs. Dressing up this lure with a bit of coloured feather or tube can make your fishing expedition all the better. Experiment with different colours to identify which colours the fish respond to the most, and make it an efficient fishing spree.


Save the bait

Certain small fish types like the sunfish have the ability to grab on to the bait from the dangling end and simply tear it from the hook, without actually biting onto the hook. This is a sure way to lose much of your bait. Although places like Anantara Veli Maldives Resort would provide you with ample bait on your fishing expedition, it still is a hassle to lose so much bait with little to nothing to show as the fruits of your labour. In order to prevent your bait from being stoles, use an Aberdeen jook, which has a small gap and a longer shank. When placing the bait on the hook, dress up the hook with the bait as if you are putting on a sock. Make sure bare minimal is hanging off the hook so that the small fish have nothing to grip.


Clip the trebles

When it comes most of the swimming plugs, swapping the trebles for single hooks is a guaranteed way of ruining your chances of catching any fish. In order to make sure that your plugs are swimming right, but also that the ease of unhooking that comes with single hooks is obtained, merely snip off the points of the tines. Make the snip right behind the barb, for the ideal treble. In terms of equipment, you can use a pair of pliers or a bolt cutter for this operation.


Reduce the tangles

One of the main nightmares for any fishing person at sea is the tangled mess that your line can end up being. In a tropical area like the Maldives where the wind is both a constant and a strong contender, this problem becomes worse. One of the best ways to reduce, if not completely prevent, the knotting is to manually flip over the bail on the spinning reel after every cast. By flipping over the bait, you ensure that the line does not twist as it makes its way from the bail to the line roller.