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Headline for 5 Adventures Activities to Try Out in Zambia - Ways to get the Adrenaline Pumping
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5 Adventures Activities to Try Out in Zambia - Ways to get the Adrenaline Pumping

Nothing tells the importance and beauty of life like a little adventure. Be it walking with the lions or jumping off over a 100ft tall waterfall, adventure is rapidly becoming synonymous with Zambia.


Bungee jumping

One of the things to do in Zambia with the least amount of hassle would be bungee jumping. It requires no prior reservation, and no preparation - except maybe the diet, depending on the sensitivity of the stomach. The bungee jump in Zambia takes place from atop Victoria Falls, and is the highest commercial bridge jump in the entire world. The jump takes place in the no man's land between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is an exhilarating feeling to feel weightless, completely at the mercy of gravity and the wind, and makes one truly glad to be alive.


Fly over the Falls

Appropriately dubbed "the flight of the angels", taking a helicopter ride over the breathtaking Victoria Falls is one of the best ways there is to truly appreciate the beauty of the waterfall. In addition to the cascading beauty, the Zambezi River's twists and turns as it comes to point of being transformed into the waterfall, and the gorges that have been carved can be viewed perfectly from above. Some hotels like AVANI Hotels and Resorts arrange these rides for their guests. If not, there are tour companies who take groups on a tour. However, prior reservation is a must.


High wiring

World's first commercial high wire, in Zambia you can experience what it feels like to be a bird. In this adrenaline pumping activity, the jumper dives into a gorge that is 75m deep, with a rapid flowing beneath. After several pendulum swings due to the full body harness, the jumper is then lowered to the ground, where they can trek their way back to the top of the gorge.


Walk with the cheetahs

Cheetahs are an endangered species that call Zambia home. In this project run with the aim of conserving these graceful and lethal creatures, guests are allowed to walk with the cheetahs through the bush. It is a once in a lifetime experience, to be able to be completely exposed to one of the most revered predators of the African wilderness. However, it is also a good chance to learn about the significance of these creatures, and a way to ensure that they are there for the future generations to see.


Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting may not be something new, but white water rafting in Zambia is unlike any other. Usually done down Batoka Gorge, there are 23 whitewater rapids to get through. There is little time for relaxing or for complacency as the rafts are trussed and turned with the fierce, foaming water. There are different options for white water rafting, including half-day trips, full-day trips, and even overnight trips. The latter includes camping in the Batoka Gorge, on the sandy shores of the river with the starry open heavens above.