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5 Desert Adventures to Do in Oman - Get Your Dose of Adrenaline Right Here!

Often referred to as an "Arabian Jewel", Oman is a playground for the adventurous. So, if you're in Oman and want to get your adrenaline pumping, here's what to do.


Dune bashing

Usually, when you hear about dune bashing, Dubai is what comes to mind and that's rather a shame as Oman has so many amazing options for this daring sport. Now if you're not familiar with the term 'dune bashing' let us explain, it is a thrilling experience where you hop on board a 4x4 and the driver takes you up, down, across and over huge dunes. It usually takes about 1 ½ hours after which you will be left windswept, covered in sand and with many unforgettable memories.

Oman has plenty of spectacular golden-hues deserts that are ideal for dune bashing. Start with those that are closer to Muscat, the Bawsher sand dunes. These are very close to the Muscat beaches and are within walking distance from the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Then about 2 hours away you get the A'Sharqiyah region that's famous for its camping sites such as the Desert Nights Camp. The desert here is called 'the Wahiba Sands' and is one of Oman's most popular destinations. Other options include the Empty Quarter, Thumrait and Ubar.


Quad biking

This is the sport for the traveller who is more "hands-on". Unlike the above, quad biking is a more personal dune bashing experience and is not for the faint-hearted. One of the best places to do this is at Bawsher Sands that are just outside of Muscat and is of an impressive size. There are many rental companies in the area where you can rent a bike for about RO6 (50cc bike) or RO30 (700cc) hire protective gear and get some training as well. The last is very important as you need to get used to the handlebars instead of the usual steering wheel as well as master the special methods of accelerating, turning and braking. There are some things to keep in mind before you go quad biking, one obvious thing is to always wear a helmet. Before you start, inspect the bike to see if it's in working order and does not carry a passenger if the bike is not designed to do so. Go slowly until you gain confidence.


Camel Rides

What's a holiday in the Middle East without going on a camel ride? Step back in time to the ancient days by hopping on the back of a camel! This is an ideal activity for those that want adventure but not too much of it.

Camel rides range from 1 hour to half day and full day safaris and most of the time include refreshments, especially if you are going to a resort. At first, it would be a little bit uncomfortable, but as you get used to it, it becomes really fun. To get the best camel riding experience, head out during the evening to catch one of the most amazing sunsets you'll ever witness!



It doesn't get sandier than this! Sandboarding is an activity that combines surfing and sledding together to create a fantastic experience. One of the best places to do this in Oman is at the Wahiba Sands. This will usually take about half an hour to one hour.


Visit a Bedouin family

If you truly want to get the best of Oman sightseeing and exploring, meet the locals who will teach and show you their culture. Tours offered by resorts and hotels would take you to the Wahiba Sands where you will meet up and spend some time with a local Bedouin family and learn about their fascinating way of life.