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Updated by nfantin074 on Apr 07, 2018
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Vital Reds is the Best Kept Supplement Secret

Your intestines have a lot of micro-organism living within them. Some of these are good for the body and some are not.


Vital Reds is the Best Kept Supplement Secret

Vital Reds is the Best Kept Supplement Secret

You've probably heard a lot about the importance of taking probiotics in order to be physically healthy...but maybe less so about what they actually do. Why take probiotics or any supplement just because someone else says so? It would make you question why you should even try them. The best way to answer that question is find out for yourself! This article will break down all of the science jargon to explain why probiotic supplements—particularly Vital Reds—are good for your health. The decision to add them to your diet is up to you.

What Are Probiotics?

Your intestines have a lot of micro-organism living within them. Some of these are good for the body and some are not. Probiotics serve an important purpose by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and encouraging the growth of the bacteria which aid our body in immunity and digestion, amongst other processes.

That said, there are so many probiotics on the market to choose from! Not to mention all the different strains. So which one is actually going to benefit you, and how do you know the probiotics will even work?

That’s where Vital Reds comes in.

The Mind Behind the Magic…Oops!! Science

One of the best heart surgeons in the world and former Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University, Dr. Steven Gundry has dedicated his professional life enhancing human health and increasing lifespan. He is a trusted name in the industry with nine medical devices patented.

However, the fact that dietary changes could lead to his patients having better health was a game changer for him and ironically, he liked it over surgery. This led to the foundation of International Heart & Lung Institute, Gundry MD and the Center for Restorative Medicine where people are taught the health benefits of dietary control.

The Product Itself

Vital Reds is one of the many supplements available on the Gundry MD website and has done wonders to the people who have tried it.

Some people have serious digestive issues that impact their daily diet and also their lives. They develop a resistance to so many food items which in some ways hampers their social life as eating out isn’t an option worth considering owing to the consequences it will lead to later. Some of them even develop food allergies which leads to pimples on their skin.

You might have experienced this yourself making you feel uneasy throughout your day and not being able to eat so many things. How Vital Reds changes all that is by providing your body with a mix essential nutrients and vitamins along with the probiotic itself. It’s basically an all-round supplement designed to help your body in multiple ways. (Read more about how Vital Reds can even improve embarrassing cold sores.)

How Vital Reds Works

Vital Reds contains antioxidants which naturally boost energy, called polyphenols, which in Dr. Gundry's expert opinion is the most important nutrient our body lacks. It also has all-natural ingredients like turmeric, green tea and cinnamon which are thermogenic ingredients that help burn fats. Five strains have been combined in this probiotic to help you with digestive problems like acidity and gastritis. Add to that the Vitamin B complex (all 8 types) along with important minerals like chromium and selenium and you have yourself a probiotic that not only helps with digestion but increases energy significantly. This will help you get rid of problems like allergy which come from digestive problems.

Like most powders, you can have this with a glass of water. The blend of the berries actually gives it a great taste thanks to all the sweetness they bring in which contains zero sugar, soy or any artificial sweeteners for that matter.

As stated earlier, this amazing probiotic is available on the Gundry MD website along with all the stuff that it contains. As they are just berries and fruits, you can actually understand what you are taking inside your body as opposed to most probiotics that have a long list of ingredients, most of which you can’t even pronounce. Based on the recommended serving, each jar contains a month’s worth of product.

This is the most basic explanation of Vital Reds and the importance of probiotics. Seems pretty straightforward, right? If you decide to buy and try this supplement, leave a comment below!

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