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What it feels like to 'zip up your abs' during core work - Davina Diaries

Engaging your core is a must during any activity, but it may be hard to understand how to do it from certain instructions.

To get the lowdown on what common core instructions actually mean, check out what an expert thinks:

Davina Diaries Fiction: Vale of Angels S2- Eps 16

‘Don’t mention it Diana’ Gibbs waved her gratitude aside. Her face was as glorious as the morning sun; her smile could light up the whole world. Her lips looked ripe and plump. This Diana before him was totally different from the one back in high school.

Top reasons why your belly button hurts so badly - Davina Diaries

Most of the time, we give little to no thought to our belly buttons. Some of us get them pierced. And, hopefully, every once in a while, all of us scrub out any lint that's hanging around in there. But that's about it.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Diamonds In A Jar S1 – Eps Nineteen - Davina Diaries

‘Enough of the talk about me, I need you to eat something, so you’ll regain your strength’ Uduak winked. ‘Aye aye captain’ Idong surrendered even though she wasn’t hungry; she wasn’t in the mood to argue with her cousin.

6 Signs of high blood pressure everyone should know about - Davina Diaries

High blood pressure means that your blood is pressing against your blood vessels harder than it should. Sounds innocuous, but over time, that can damage the vessel walls and allow plaque buildup to form, blocking arteries...

Dear Davina: Found out that my mum had an affair same time she had me - Davina Diaries

recently I discovered my mom had an affair at the time I was conceived. I got to know this by reading some texts on her phone from a certain man. While it seemed they separated long ago, the man seems to believe he's my father.

Dear Davina: Please Help A Month To My Wedding I Find He Has A Wife - Davina Diaries

Throwback to December few days before Christmas, two weeks after our introduction, a mail came into my inbox and it contained information that the man I was planning to spend my forever with had two children with different mothers alongside a wife and kids as well.

Lies women tell themselves when they're falling in love with a married man - Davina Diaries

Getting involved in an affair with a married man is a dangerous flame to flirt with. You open your heart to a lot of potential hurts, because even when you try to tell yourself that you won't get attached or that the relationship...

Tell-tale signs you're dealing with an evil person - Davina Diaries

Evil can be defined, but it's hard to pin down. Simply put: an evil person is someone who engages in malevolent behaviours. Some argue that they're immoral, sick, depraved, or wicked, but those words are hard to define. Immorality to one is normalcy to another.

Davina Diaries Devotional: YOU’RE A BLESSING - Davina Diaries

Davina Diaries Devotional: YOU’RE A BLESSING