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Starting a blog

Blogging Tips For 2018 - 15 Actionable Tips To Boost Traffic To Your Site

If you are thinking of starting a blog then here are 15 actionable blogging tips for 2018 that will generate traffic to your blog almost instantly The secret to a successful blog is great content and great content will, in turn, generate traffic to your blog providing it is found. Because content is king, right?

Never do keyword research again. Do this instead -- Simple how to guide

What! are you crazy? 'Never do keyword research again' No, I'm not crazy and I'm not really saying never do keyword research again because to do no keyword planning would indeed be crazy.But, what I am saying is instead of your conventional keyword research do 'this' instead...

How to write killer blog titles that convert - Catchy Ideas and Examples

How to write killer blog titles that convert to views - THE ANSWER - Ok so let's use this article on how to write killer blog articles as our working example.  So first things first, I google 'how to write killer blog articles' and I am given the search results as highlighted in my screen capture below.

How to start a blog in 2018 - How to start blogging and make money

How to start a blog in 2018 - There is no doubt that starting a blog is a great way to build your brand, grow a business, show your creativity and just make money while sharing your passion for what you do. In this How to start a blog guide, we explore all the options available and offer our recommendations


Here are 3 great options for starting a free blog in 2018. There are a few stand out platforms when it comes to… by infobunny

How to manage your Wordpress revisions and optimize your database

Wordpress will automatically save Wordpress revisions (copies) of your posts as you create, This is very handy because it means that should your screen freeze or your computer crash then you are unlikely to lose your work or at least not all of it.

SEO is not working on my site - Here is the fix to get better search results

Ok so your site is set up all the little buttons on Yoast SEO are green and your readability is rocking. But you are just not getting any results, SEO is not working on your site. How do we fix this? Here is my fix to get better SEO search results on Google

Avoid WordPress problems - How to fix WP problems as they arise

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the most common WordPress problems, explain what they are and offer you resources to help you should you encounter any of these problems. We will also give you some useful tips to avoid WordPress problems and issues altogether

How to secure your WordPress - Avoid WordPress security problems

In this article, we will be showing you how to secure your Wordpress site and to avoid security problems. In a recent article, I wrote about how to avoid potential WordPress problems. I did cover some basic security problems that you can come across but didn't really go into any great detail. In this article,

Effective Content Marketing Strategy For Blog Traffic (Revealed)

You are looking to boost your blog traffic with content marketing, right? You need to learn how to become a prolific content creator in order to get more traffic with content marketing. Learn an effective content marketing strategy for blog traffic that you can start implementing today!

How to get people to read your blog - How to get your noticed by Google

When it comes to blogging we are all pretty much little fish in a big pond. Our ability to grow our blog depends not on just creating great content but also on how we then promote it so that we are found. In this article, I will be sharing practical solution that will show you how to get people to read your blog

How to start a blogging business - 8 steps to get started with your blog

Do you know what a blogging business is? In this article, we will be discussing how to start a blogging business and provide you with 8 really easy steps you can follow that will help you launch and monetize your new blogging business. Sl lets get started on your journey.

WordPress SEO Guide 2018 - How to structure your WordPress site

How to structure your WordPress site - WordPress SEO Guide 2018 - WordPress has been around since the Internet became so popular. It is a really neat way to design a website. The actual system hosts your Domain Name on the hosting company of your choice.

How to download YouTube Videos - Here are 4 of the best sites to use

How to download YouTube Videos As an affiliate of a business, you are often supplied with very useful marketing material some of this often comprises of videos you can embed on your site or YouTube videos that you can embed. However, everyone has the same marketing content and this can be a problem

Mobile SEO Guide 2018 - Are you ready for Googles Mobile-First index?

Google is changing how it delivers search results to us. Searching via a mobile device will now render mobile results. Searching via a laptop or desktop now also renders mobile results. So is your Mobile SEO up to scratch?

How to optimize for multiple keywords and target keyword success

It's hard enough to find one good keyword phrase to optimize and rank for let alone optimize for multiple keywords, am I right?  Well not if you do it the Infobunny way because the chances are that if you are creating great long-form content then you are already targeting multiple keywords.

Off-page SEO Explained - What is Off-page SEO?

A guide to off-page SEO - find out everything outside of your website or an article that you need to do in order to help it rank

Your 10-Step Strategy to Successfully Managing Local SEO

Narrowing in on your location is a powerful SEO tool that will significantly improve your lead generation and search rankings. If you're serving your local community and want to get the word out there, then ditch those old local advertising methods and focus in on your local SEO - here's how - Local SEO Guide

How to improve your SEO - 7 Quick but important tips for more backlinks
  • So after you have turned all your bullets green on your SEO plugin, how do you then improve your SEO? You have done all you can do with on-page SEO for the time being, what comes next?
Blogging Mistakes - Here are 12 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Are you making any of these blogging mistakes? Here are 12 possible reasons why your blog has no traffic. Writing content that is just too short is a big blogging mistake. It may sound like a good idea to keep articles short so that you have more indexed pages and so can gain potentially more views but

Top 17 Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Social Bookmarking sites can drive huge traffic to your blog if done effectively. Here is a list of the top 17 social bookmarking sites to try to boost your blog traffic.

What is the best way to Pin for Pinterest Traffic- TrafficTips for Pinterest

If you are looking to boost traffic to your site with social media then you can do a lot worse than adopting Pinterest as a form of traffic generation. The question is though, What is the best way to pin to maximise your Pinterest traffic? Here are some of the simple things you can do and some not to do

Keep people on your blog - [MY 7 STEP CHECKLIST FOR 2018]

There are many SEO rules that we should obey if we want to see increased search results But there is one SEO rule that is more important than all the others and that is that you must keep people on your blog. You need to keep them engaged so that they stay and boost your average time on page statistics.

Publishing A Blog Post - 15 Important Things To Do - [CHECKLIST]

Here are 15 things that you should do before publishing a blog post. You have probably heard this a hundred of times before “Content is King” and there is no doubt in that. To build a successful blog you must ensure that you deliver quality posts to your readers.

Guest blogging opportunities - Your guide as a Webmaster and Contributor

Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities? Here is your guide to accepting contributions and writing them so that loves what you do