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Updated by Ashida Electronics on Mar 30, 2018
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Top Protection Relay

Protection relay is an electrical device, which help to make protect our electrical system from the over voltage, low current & earth fault.

Self Powered Relay | Ashida Electronics

Self powered relay includes undercurrent elements that can be used to provide additional functions to prevent damage to the power system. In self powered relay, thermal overload protection is designed to prevent the electrical equipment when operating temperature exceeded the maximum.

Feeder Protection Relay | Overcurrent Protection | Switchgear Protection

Feeder protection relay, overcurrent protection & switchgear protection apply protect, control & monitoring of radial and ring main feeder to achieve sensitivity and selectivity on phase and ground faults.

Transformer Protection | Differential Relay | Ashida Electronics

Ashida has designed transformer protection, differential relay & transformer differential protection to make protect & monitoring functions for transformer. Ashida Electronics has more than 47 years of experience in electrical power protection relay & expertise in integration.

Voltage Protection is Powerful Digital Algorithms | Ashida Electronics

Voltage protection is performs powerful Digital Algorithms to find out Amplitude of voltage signal and then this value is use for protection.

Motor Protection Relay | Ashida Electronics

Motor protection relay detects motor prolong start conditions effectively and provides protect to electrical motors. Ashida is multi specialist in motor protection relay covering everything from design, manufacturing & maintenance, set the benchmark for innovative and environmentally technologies.

Line Protection Relay | Ashida Electronics

Line protection relay provides switch on to fault (SOTF) protection against energizing faulty line by switching on circuit breaker. Fault locator feature in line protection calculates fault impedance and distance to fault based on positive sequence reactance parameter of protected line.

Over Current Relay | Traction Transformer | Ashida Electronics

Over current relay is monitoring & protection functions for Low Voltage side and High current side of traction transformer feeder.

Auxiliary Relays for High Speed Tripping Duties | Ashida Electronics

Auxiliary relays are give alarm, control, indications and other auxiliary duties in AC and DC system. Auxiliary relays are applicable for remote & automatic control, high speed tripping duties, to serve as master trip relay in C.B. control panels, low burden sensitive relay, multiply contact of relays.

Auto Reclose Relay | Sync Check Relay | Ashida Electronics

Auto reclose & Sync check relay is continuously monitors voltage signals, along with different status input, optical isolated status connections.

  • Ashida Electronics is one of leading company in India for electrical protection relay. Which was found in the year 1970 for the Geo-Engineering product, later on company convert into PVT Ltd and started manufacturing of protection relay, SCADA & control and relay panel.
    Company expanding business in all over India, currently we have 9 branch in all over India.

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