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AtoZ Cricket Information

Here you will get all top tips & strategy regards cricket sport. After watch you must going to add as the faves to the list.

Best Tips for Cricket Batting | Batting Tips for Right Handers | CricketBio

we are going to share some best tips for cricket batting, Batsman should not waste his unnecessary energy on every ball, be calm and wait for perfect ball to score a run. we will share and discuss some batting tips for right handers batsman. Because batting isn't easy, required strength, power, stamina & mental skills

Best Diet Plan for Cricketers | CricketBio

Best diet plan for cricketers is high protein foods like fish, sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges, apples, potatoes, rice, and wheat germ. Cricketers must to eat 4-7 meals in a day and meal should be lean protein. Professional trainer set best diet plan & energy drinks for cricketers to maintain body weight.

Top 10 Richest Cricket Players | CricketBio

Cricket is a developing and been more popular game at international level. The young age group are choosing cricket as a career for their life. They earn money by playing a cricket, many cricketers are in the list of top richest cricket players. In the year 2017-18, there are top 10 richest cricket players in the world

Cricket Bowling Techniques for Spin Bowler & Fast Bowler | CricketBio

Bowling is main things which make it a different game from other. We must know cricket bowling techniques because its play an important role and who want to be a cricketer in the future this information may help you to be becomes great Cricketer. In cricket bowling techniques, there are different types of spin bowler

Cricket Exercises for Batsmen | CricketBio

There are many cricket exercises for batsmen who helps to improve batting skills & fitness. Cricket is an international game we required power, strength, fitness to play it. Fitness is an important part to be seen in all games.

Basic Rules and Regulations of Cricket | CricketBio

If you are not aware with basic rules and regulations of cricket then you can’t play in real life. It has many rules and regulation, but not compulsory to know all of them.

Best Fielding Position in Cricket | CricketBio

Best fielding position in cricket plays an important role in cricket to take wickets and to save runs. A perfect field set will make pressure and also raise batsmen to play wrong shots.

How to Catch a Cricket Ball

Catching is part of fielding in cricket. In cricket how to catch a cricket ball with perfection that is the biggest task. Every cricket team focuses on fielding part because it’s an important part in … [Read more...]

Types of Bowling in Cricket - Fast, Spin & Swing Bowling | CricketBio

There are different types of bowling in cricket like swing bowling, off spin, googly, top spin, leg break & off cutter. Fast bowling & Spin bowling both types of bowling in cricket are necessary.

How to Choose a Cricket Bat | CricketBio

One of the most difficult things is how to choose a cricket bat according to your requirements. A perfect cricket bat can increase your batting skills and performance.

How to Calculate Bowling Speed in Cricket? | CricketBio

Three primary easy and professional techniques to calculate bowling speed in cricket- using a Stopwatch – easy method, Speed gun method & using Hawk-Eye method.

How to Increase Bowling Speed in Cricket

Perfect run-up will surely help you to increase bowling speed in cricket. Practice bowling in continuous lines and lengths. Take time to practice knowing that you want to bounce the ball as accurately as possible.

The Seam in Cricket | Seam Bowling Actions in Cricket

A seam in cricket is an event that occasionally occurs when a cricket ball makes contact with the pitch. It causes the cricket ball to deviate from its intended path, and as a result, the ball usually sinks towards the batsman or stays away from them. Follow our top 9 tips to improve seam position in cricket.

Top 3 Cricket Batting Drills

List of important cricket batting drills which you must have to practice as a batsman to improve your batting. Even you can do all these batting drills at home or at the ground. These batting drills are very useful in terms of enhancing your batting skills.

Why IPL is Goldmine for Fantasy Cricket Players

Once you are familiar with the our secret steps then you’ll know why Indian Premier League is known as Goldmine for Fantasy cricket enthusiasts.

Get Ready For The Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League is around the corner and it feels like a dream come true for all the cricket lovers around the world. The journey of IPL 2020 came with it’s up and down but the fans are happy that IPL is going to finally happen.

5 Reasons Why Should You Try Fantasy Sports

You always keep wondering that should try fantasy sports or not. Well, let us give you five solid reasons to try fantasy sports for at least once in your life because after entering the realm of fantasy sports your life will be changed.

How to Take Proper Stance in Cricket

The stance is an important factor in your batting because if you don’t know how to take a proper stand in cricket pitch while batting then you are not a good batsman. Follow these tips & tricks to improve stance - Toes in line, Distance between both legs, Knee flexible, Backlift & body position.

Is This The Best Time to Practice Fantasy sports?

Right now is the best time to practice fanstay sports as a novice because once the lockdown is over and the matches are live there will be a lot of chances to win huge amounts of real cash online.

Types of Cricket Bats

There are four different types of cricket bats such as 1. English willow 2. Kashmir willow 3. Softball cricket bats & 4. Training bat. Choose right cricket bat as per your requirement, which helps you to become Succesful batsman.