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Tradesate Overseas

TRADESATE Overseas Pvt Ltd.(TSO) is a brand house for our group of companies already in operation since 90’s and dealing in Multi-commodity trading such as Agro based commodities, Dairy products, Automotive Machinery, Spare Parts, Consumables and Metals Scrap (Ferrous / Non-Ferrous). With recent advancements in marketing, management & operational strategies, a reform in the orthodox system is always required.

Fly Ash, Automotive, Rice & Dairy Products - Tsoverseas

Tsoverseas - Leading fly ash suppliers in India, offers best building material to construction companies.


Fly Ash supplier in Punjab / Tsoverseas

Fly Ash supplier in Punjab / Tsoverseas

TRADESATE Overseas Pvt. Ltd.(TSO) has been supplying activated fly ash that is used as a supplementary material in the production of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), which is mainly used in Construction work, Over-bridge, RCC road projects.

5 Easy Tricks To Test The Goodness of Cow Ghee

Ingestion of cow ghee is incredibly beneficial to the health of all age groups, reduces inflammation in the joints, bestow rich dietary fats and double duty nutrition, improve eye health and reinforce the immune system. But the effectiveness of its results depends on its purity and when it comes to cow ghee, the adulteration becomes easier. Ghee is easily alterable with coconut oil, rancid ghee, sweet potato and vegetable oil.

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Buy best quality rice from Tsoverseas at affordable prices. We are reliable basmati rice exporters who deliver quality products to its customers. Order now! Packing is available in non-Woven Fabric Bags & BOPP Bags in 10 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg & 50 kg bags.

A Complete Guide to Understand Different Types of Rice

Rice is a very popular grain and nearly half of the world population consumes rice. There are wide varieties of rice which can add a unique flavor to every recipe you prepare. But every variety of rice has its own taste and flavor. Below guide will help you select the best rice brand from basmati to jasmine. Purchase it from prominent basmati rice supplier across the world and devise a delicious dish.

Cow Ghee Supplier - Tsoverseas

Tsoverseas serve a wide range of dairy products, among which one is milk industry. We supply quality products like Mozzarella cheese, 100% pure cow ghee. Skimmed Milk Powder is made from 100% cow’s milk, which is fresh, unadulterated, hygienic, untouched by human hand, refreshing and delicious.

What Do You Really Need for Manufacturing Fly Ash Bricks?

Bricks are an essential part of the construction, they are used everywhere in walls, foundation and on the roof. But clay bricks led to several ecological concerns making it less preferable. These concerns have resulted in a new variety of bricks which are made from mixing fly ash. You need to mix 15% percent of fly ash to cement therefore it is necessary to secure your quota. You can also get your share from fly ash supplier in Delhi/ NCR.

Precise Earthmovers and Forging Components Suppliers

Tsoverseas is the most preferred earthmovers’ components manufactures who supply annulus ring, sun gear & a wide range of forging components. We are the leading suppliers as well as exporters of a wide range of JCB Annulus Ring, Carrier Plate, Sun Gear & Planet Gear used in different tractors, JCB and related equipment. Available in different material grades like EN8D and 20MNCR. The products undergo rigorous quality checks during production to safeguard the standards and reliability of the end product.

How to Maintain Earth Moving Components and Machinery?

Every machinery requires maintenance especially those that are employed in earthmoving. These equipments do a hard job, therefore, they require maintenance after a certain period. Following article will help you maintain your earth moving machinery in tip-top shape.

What are the Benefits of Adding Fly Ash in Concrete?

Fly ash is a residue left from the burn coal, when it mixes with flue gases powder fly ash is obtained which is used to generate electricity. Around 1970 about 460 metric ton of coal ash was produced worldwide. Coal is used in manufacturing cement so fly ash provides an economical alternative to generate electricity.

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One of the most common sources of energy production is coal-fired power plants These plants use several million tons of coals for generating electricity each year. During the process, coal-fired power plants produce waste products which are called coal combustion products. These products include fly ash, synthetic gypsum, bottom ash and several other products.

Basmati Rice: A Grain that Complements Every Food

Basmati is the leading variety of rice, its color, texture, size flavour and its unique properties make it work well with different cooking applications. Rice is the only grain that can practically use as an ingredient in a huge range of dishes. Middle East and South East Asians can't live without this wonderful grain. They have rice in almost everything they make from sushi to curry. India is one of the largest basmati rice producer and exporter across the world. If you are thinking to buy it from a grocery store then it is quite expensive there. It's better to buy it from a renowned 1121 Basmati supplier.

HMS Scrap Suppliers | Tsoverseas

Get in touch with the best metal scarp suppliers. Tsoverseas offers reliable Ferrous & Non Ferrous products like HMS, cast iron, aluminium scraps.


Cow Ghee Supplier | Tsoverseas

Cow Ghee Supplier | Tsoverseas

Tradesate Overseas Pvt Ltd provides hygienic, pure, and the finest quality milk products, rich in natural aroma and taste. Our team of professionals gives highest priority to matters regarding Cattle health, disease control, comfort, safety, balanced and timely nutrition and strict compliance of quarantine norms. Our Cow Ghee supplier as offered by us is processed from 100% fresh cow’s milk which stimulates digestive fire in the human body and also prevents from indigestion in the body.