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Headline for Top 5 water sports in Vanuatu – the Adventure Capital of the Pacific
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Top 5 water sports in Vanuatu – the Adventure Capital of the Pacific

Vanuatu promises an island adventure far different from the usual Pacific islands. With pristine waters and deserted beaches, it is an ideal spot for frolicking around in the water.


Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

With an array of World War II wrecks such as the SS President Coolidge just off the shores, the seas around Vanuatu's islands are a paradise for snorkelers and divers. Each diving site is much different from the other so rest assured, your biggest problem will be choosing where to snorkel. You can of course, ask the Vanuatu resort you are staying in for advice. The wrecked ships house plenty of rare and magical marine species while a range of corals cling on to the bottom of the ocean. To make the experience even more surreal, certain diving sites even have a trail with a post office at the end so you can post a letter! If you are bored of snorkelling in the open sea, try venturing into an underwater cave for a mystic experience.


Kayaking & Sailing

With its calm and mesmerizing turquoise waters, sailing and kayaking is simply a joy in these Pacific waters. Many hotels and resorts such as Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu can help hook you up with the necessary gear for kayaking or a boat to sail with. If you are starting out, the majority of the resorts have qualified instructors to teach you the ropes. With many caves and waterfalls, kayaking in Vanuatu is a remarkable experience to say the least.


Fishing charters

As mentioned above, the eighty islands in the country all have many rare marine species residing a few meters from the shore. For those interested in game fishing, Vanuatu is a paradise world come true. A common saying in the country is that it is very rare to ever have a fish-less day, which should tell you enough about the amount of fish you can find. Close to the Havannah Harbour is a famed marlin highway where you can expect to catch marlins that weigh between fifty kilograms to three hundred kilograms! All year lukewarm temperatures mean you can find most species of fish at all times instead of in specific seasons. Dolphins and tuna are other common fish species you will come across.


Take a trip on The Reef Explorer

The only such seafaring vehicle in the entire country, the Reef Explorer is a semi submerged vehicle that gives visitors two experiences; one is that you feel like you are in a submarine and the second is that it has a glass bottom to view what is underwater. The ship goes around the Port Vila Harbour while you get to gape at colourful corals and a multitude of tropical fishes and sea creatures. Towards the end, the vessel is moored at an island so the visitors can go on bouts of snorkelling as well as hand-feed many of the sea creatures. This is truly one of the most unique experiences in this amazing tropical destination of Vanuatu.