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5 Unique Experience to Witness in the Seychelles – Exploring the Magical Island Nation

Seychelles is well known for its mesmerizing beaches and its abundance of wildlife. However, this magical country also has a number of unique moments that set it apart from anywhere else.


Endemic species spotting

The sheer amount of endemic species in the country is sure to blow you away. The endemic bird species stands at twelve alone and one can catch a glimpse many other birds and animals that are hard to find elsewhere in the world. The black parrot, the jellyfish tree (which is critically endangered) and the Seychelles sheath-tailed bat are some of the elusive species you can find in the country. These species are located on different islands but you can ask your resort in Seychelles to guide you to the exact locations.


The beautiful ocean

Almost every visitor to the country knows about the pristine beaches, but what they do not know is how immersive and unique the experience will be. The majority of the islands are surrounded by a massive coral reef that is home to a large number of rare and elusive fish species. This alone makes snorkelling in these pristine waters a joy. Many hotels in the area such as AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa can train you for diving and snorkelling excursions and it's highly recommended that you try it out. Certain locations even have their own snorkelling trails complete with an underwater letterbox to mail the postcards home.


Pink Rocks

Another iconic feature of this lovely country, the formation of these pink rocks adds to the allure of these islands. The shades of pink are quite eye catching and are caused due to excess amounts of potassium feldspar on the granitic rocks. Around forty two of the islands are made of these rocks and they are the oldest of such islands in the world. The rocks at Anse Source d'Argent are probably the most vivid of.


Try out the moutya dance and the sega dance

Two of the traditional dances in the country of Seychelles, they date back to the times of slavery. The moutya is a slow dance that borderlines on erotic while the lyrics to the song speaks of the times of slavery and their chants for freedom. The second of the dances is more of an evolution of the first and has a faster pace to it. Drums made of goat skin are used to play the music. The dances are a common feature at most hotels in the islands and chances are that you can view at your own resort.


Day time turtle nesting

This island nation is one of the few locations that Hawksbill turtles lay their eggs in during the daytime. If you do want to catch a glimpse of these creatures, plan your trip between the months of October and January. Cousin Island is the best place to view them and can be easily accessed by boat. They handle a turtle monitoring program that enables you to view these gentle animals without disturbing them.