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5 Must Try Cuisines In Bangkok – Savoring The Best Of Thai's Famed Cuisine

It is no secret that Bangkok is famed for its options when it comes to food. However, with numerous options on the table (no pun intended) it can be quite difficult to decide what to choose.


Pad Thai

A dish you can find in any Thai restaurant be it a Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok the likes of Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 or a street side vendor, Pad Thai is a heavenly infusion of everything you love about Thai cuisine. The noodles are soaked, after which spices like chili and extras like fish sauce and tofu are added along with vegetables to add flavor to the dish. For vegans, some locations serve a vegetarian dish that substitutes the fish sauce for soy sauce, but worry not as both dishes are simply impeccable. If you want an authentic experience, check out the night markets where you can get a bowl of freshly made Pad Thai.


Red Pork Noodle Soup

What makes this dish even more desirable and exclusive is the fact that it is virtually impossible to find outside Thailand. You are also unlikely to find this at restaurants as they are exclusive to street food vendors. This side due to the unique process of making the broth. The dish is basically broth made with pork and noodles and it is nothing like you have ever tasted. Pork bones are used to make the broth and it is cooked for long hours, giving a rich flavor filled taste. The final dish is served with red pork slices, which explains the naming.


Pad Kra Pao

Another dish that is more common at street food stalls, Pad Kra Pao is a favorite among the natives and for good reason. The original dish consists of pork or beef which is stirred and fried with chilies along with an assortment of other spices and vegetables. The end result is served with rice and fried eggs. Keep in mind that the dish can be quite spicy and you might want to ask for a non-spicy dish, unless of course you wish to be sweating buckets halfway through our lunch.


Som Tam

This is a salad that is quite versatile. It is quite fulfilling and is good enough as a standalone dish but it also makes a great addition as a side dish to another main dish like rice. It consist of papaw which is well ground along with carrots and other fruits and vegetables. A kick of chili is thrown in for good measure too which gives the trademark spiciness of Thai dishes. Som Tam is quite refreshing but as with Pad Kra Pao you might want to request for a spice free version.


Pad Fuktong Sai Kai

Consisting of stir fried pumpkin and eggs, Pad Fuktong Sai Kai is generally served as a side dish to savour turmeric rice as this stabilizes the sweet flavor of the pumpkins. The dish has a reputation for being hard to find but if you are hell bent on tasting it, check out the Khao San Road night market.