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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 5 Unusual Attractions in Bangkok – Going Off The Beaten Track

Bangkok is well known for its shopping and street food, but there is so much more to this chaotic city than what most people assume. Read on as we educate on that statement.


Pak Klong Flower Market

As with the rest of Bangkok, a visit to this market is guaranteed to be a chaotic and exhilarating experience. Brace yourself to the sight of a multitude of flowers, brought in from all corners of the country. New flowers are delivered around midnight, making it the best time to visit the Pak Klong Flower Market. The majority of the buyers visit at first light, so if you drop in at midnight you get to avoid the crowd too! Of course, be careful about traveling at this time and if you are staying at a luxury hotel in Bangkok, for example, something like Emporium Suites by Chatrium, you can request for a driver chosen by the hotel.


The Sriraj Medical Museum

This is an attraction that is targeted towards a more niche crowd. Anyone who is a fan of forensic medicine or plain medicine will love his museum. It is located in the oldest hospital in the country and it comes with plenty of curious artefacts from the medical world; case in point, the mummified remains of an infamous serial killer! The museum is divided into six sections. One is pathology, forensics, the history of traditional medicine in Thailand, parasitology, anatomy and even a section dedicated to prehistoric items and relics. Pro tip; you will need a strong stomach to endure the entire visit!


The Grand Palace

The sprawling two hundred thousand square metre compound was once the dwelling of the Royal Family and the center of the government. To call this a mere iconic landmark would be an understatement. It features beautiful architecture that has left every visitor awe-struck thanks to its intricate details and beauty. Considered the spiritual heart of Thailand, The Grand Palace is a perfect example of Thailand's rich history as well as their brilliance in architecture.


The Bangkok National Museum

Located in the compound of an eighteenth century palace, this museum has the biggest collection of artefacts and items that give a glimpse into the country's vivid history. Found close to The Grand Palace, it was first opened by King Rama V who wished to display the gifts he received from his father. It was notorious for housing the dusty and boring artefacts but over the years. However, this was recently changed and the museum offers guides, descriptions in English and a range of other features.


Muay Thai Fights

Muay Thai is one of the first things that spring into mind when you think of Thailand. The sport is equally popular inside the country and one can find many locations to watch Thailand's form of kickboxing. Moreover, some of the places even offer quick crash courses for those who want to pick up a few skills during their stay. The instructors speak English, so there will not be a language barrier if you join in.

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