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Things to do in the Maldives – Discovering the Postcard Esque Archipelago

When you say Maldives, you probably think of laidback lounging by the turquoise waters. However, the islands have plenty of other activities that allow you to discover the very essence of the country.


Try their cuisine

Since they were surrounded by water ever the beginning of their civilization, the Maldivians have learned to adapt to their environment. The majority of their dishes are made of the fruit of the oceans and over the years, they have perfected the art of great seafood dishes. Wondering how great they are? Imagine the fusion of Sri Lankan and Indian spice and cooking methods with the diverse sea species found in the waters around the Maldives. Yes, it tastes as appetizing as you might think! Try their popular dishes called Garudiya and Rihakuru. Resorts such as Niyama Private Islands Maldives offer a variety of Maldivian cuisine so it's not difficult to get your hands on them.


Snorkeling and Diving

It is no secret that the reefs around most islands and resorts in Maldives offer some of the greatest diving experiences in the world. You will be missing out on a lot if you visit the country and not take a dive into its magical waters. If you are new to the world of diving, you will be happy to hear that there are plenty of diving centres scattered all over the atolls where you can learn the ropes and even gain certification. If you are already certified, there is a vast number of diving sites you can jump into. Furthermore, you can find wrecks that are totally worth exploring. Stingrays are easy to find so are manta rays while sea turtles regally swim past you without a concern. The unpolluted and clear waters help you easily see the spectacle in front of you.


Island Hopping

While most tourists are familiar with the many luxurious resorts located in every corner of the country, the Maldives has plenty of inhabited islands where the locals live. A visit to these island will allow you to get up and close with the country's culture and the local way of life. Resorts will have no problem arranging a day trip to one of these islands either. Keep in mind that Maldivians are quite conservative so it is best that you dress appropriately and refrain from sleeveless clothing, shorts and skirts.


Stand Up Paddleboarding

Thanks to the shallow and calm seas that gently ebb with the tide, stand up paddle boarding is an excellent activity to engage in. The reefs are home to a wide number of marine species and corals and the crystal clear waters allow you to view them just a few feet from your board. This is truly a dreamlike experience.



A list of things to do will not be complete without the most popular of water sports. There are many surfing locations that cater to people of all stages so regardless of how good (or bad) you are, finding the perfect surfing point is never too hard of a task to do. The resorts will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary equipment to try out surfing.