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4 Facts about Maldives you should Know – Little Known Facts on the Popular Holiday Destination

A tropical paradise, Maldives is well known for its beaches and beautiful scenery. But this wonderland has many other realities that many do not know about.


Home to the World's 1st Underwater Cabinet Meeting

The Maldives is a low lying country – its highest point is just 2.5 meters – so climate change and rising water levels pose a very real danger to the livelihood of the country. Many islands have already been deserted due to the increasing water levels. Former President Mohamed Nasheed campaigned heavily on climate change and he once had the October cabinet meeting of 2009 at the bottom of the ocean to bring attention to the problem at hand. With thirteen other officials, he wore scuba gear and sat down on chairs and tables sunk down. This unorthodox move also had a second reason. It was so that he could raise awareness about the sustainability projects he had envisioned. The aims of these projects were to reduce the carbon footprint in the Maldives which would help reduce the effects of global warming.


The Maldives has thousand one hundred and ninety islands!

Yes, you totally read that right; these thousand or so islands are spread over twenty six atolls. Another astounding fact is that only about two hundred of these coral islands are inhabited while a further eighty function as resorts in Maldives. The islands stretch on way across the Indian Ocean and cut through many popular sea routes.


Alcohol can be found only in resorts and hotels

Being a Muslim country, the Maldives strictly adheres to their Sharia law. This means you cannot import any form of alcohol. Other products barred include pork which is also unlawful according to their religion. When you are in the country you can find alcohol and pork, but only in the vicinity of a resort such as Niyama Private Islands Maldives or a hotel. You are not even allowed to take alcohol outside the compound of a resort or hotel. During the month of Ramadan, individuals, regardless of their religious beliefs, are supposed to shun eating, drinking and smoking in public during the daytime. However, you can find restaurants away from the main streets who do serve people. When it comes to praying to your own religion, you can do so in private but don't expect to find a public institute for it.


Weekends occur on Fridays and Saturdays

While we are used to having our Sundays off, the Maldives operates on a basis where the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. Again being a completely Muslim country, Fridays are holidays due to the fact that the jummah prayers occur on Fridays. This might require hardwiring for those used to the old holiday schedule. On the side of religion, the country of Maldives is the smallest Muslim country in the entire world. It is also quite conservative and intolerant towards other religions. The constitution maintains that every citizen should be a Muslim and forbids the following of other religions.