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Updated by Troy Rosasco on Jan 19, 2018
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Help With Your 9/11 Victim Compensation Claims

Complicated filing requirements, often-changing rules and regulations and strict deadlines are just a few of the hurdles that can stand in the way of obtaining 9/11 victim compensation. A 9/11 attorney can help. Read on to learn more.


Avoiding Delays Caused by Incomplete or Incorrect Applications

Even in the best of circumstances, getting VCF compensation or certification for treatment in the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP) can take months or even years. But the process can take even longer if the initial application for compensation fails to provide sufficient information or documentation to support the claim.

An experienced 9/11 victim compensation attorney will know exactly what is needed to submit the strongest possible application, including the preparation of a powerful victim impact statement which can help maximize VCF compensation. He or she will help you complete all necessary forms and get the required documentation and information from physicians, employers and others.


Handling 9/11 Claim Denials

Failure to submit a strong or complete application not only can result in delays, it can also lead to an inadequate award amount or a claim being denied altogether. If your VCF claim is denied or your compensation award is less than you deserve, you can appeal such decisions and seek to have your claim or award reconsidered. But as with any legal appeal, doing so can be a complicated and time-consuming process. A skilled 9/11 victim compensation lawyer will fully understand the reasons for an adverse decision and know how to present a strong and effective argument that can give you the best chance at a positive outcome.


Filing 9/11 Claim Amendments

After you file your initial claim application, your circumstances or medical condition may change. Your health could further deteriorate, or you may be may be diagnosed with additional 9/11-related illnesses. Your 9/11 compensation attorney can amend your claim to seek additional VCF compensation for these losses, and can also help you file a Social Security Disability claim where appropriate to provide you with additional resources while you await a decision from the VCF.


No Attorney’s Fees Unless You Obtain Compensation

Since those suffering from 9/11-related conditions are already dealing with mounting medical expenses, lost wages and other costs, they may be reluctant to each out to a lawyer because of a concern about attorney’s fees. However, most 9/11 attorneys won’t charge you anything in attorney’s fees unless they obtain compensation for you from the VCF.

Additionally, if your lawyer does get you compensation, the law caps the amount of attorney’s fees they can receive out of your award at 10%, ensuring that victims receive the most compensation possible.


Peace of Mind

As quoted in The Chief, a leading WTCHP physician recently expressed outrage and concern about the additional stress put on patients by the claims process, saying: “The last thing we want to do for people that have had exposure to the World Trade Center toxins is to increase their anxieties about anything.”

The stress and challenges of living with a 9/11-related illness and condition can be hard enough without spending time and mental energy on the often-frustrating compensation claim process. The best 9/11 victim compensation attorneys take that burden off of those who have already suffered so much.