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Qafie Software Private Limited

QafieLMS is an award winning Learning Management System along with a vast range of great features and advantages.


Qafie LMS provides most important LMS integration features that your online course management system should provide.

Step-by-step guide to help you choose the right online course management system that works best for you.

Five Tips To Make The Most Out of Your LMS (Learning Management System)

Wondering how can you Make the Most Out of Your Learning Management System Software? Here are five strong tips to utilise your Leaning Management System Software and reap maximised profits.

Before you choose the perfect Learning Management System for your learning and workplace needs, you can always opt for a demo class to check if it suits your needs or not. Check top five ways in which the learning management system is a good investment

Top Features of Learning Management System software - LMS

Any organisation looking to streamline its training process uses LMS (Learning Management System) software to meet their unique and customised training requirements.

With so many LMS software (Learning Management System Software) now available in the market. The first step for selecting the best LMS software for your company is understanding what you really expect from the LMS.

You can develop an online training program using your Learning Management System (LMS) Software like the Qafie LMS to reach the specific goals. Check out 7 mistakes to avoid while designing an online training course for your employees.

8 Questions to Shoot For Hunting the Best LMS for Your Users

An LMS can be best described as the ubiquitous form of learning where the user gets to have a hold on the content anytime and anywhere.

To eliminate this pain it is always advisable to be prepared well in advance that includes what you want or how you want your LMS to be. Let me introduce you to some of the basic questions that when answered effectively help you in choosing the best learning management system.

How To Choose The Best Online Training Software For Employees?

Choosing an online training software demands a thorough scrutiny of what exactly an online training software is and how will it benefit the employee as well the management. Apart from these, here are a few basic attributes that you need to look for while choosing the most relevant training software for your organization. Read on to find out about them.

The Importance of Course Management Software in Teaching Arena

The Importance of Course Management System Software in Teaching Arena. Check out handful of standard function course management software for students should be having.

Learning Management System Software (LMS) | Online Training Platform

Learning Management System, Online Training Software. QAFIE LMS is the best Online LMS Software India. We offer a user-friendly course management system used for online training & online learning.

Why Online Training Software systems are growing in popularity around the world?

The online training software helps for the purpose of distribution of knowledge, it is in short – a knowledge bank that offers innumerate ways to operate and learn. The responsive software is capable of screening the content across different types and sizes of electronic devices.

Welcome to “The new-age LMS systems” – Driving the pace of your business!

The new age learning - Learning Management Systems (LMS) that have clearly flagged-off the way for new learning, developing and implementing methodologies across the globe. There is not a single institution or school or a reputable college that do not have their presence online. The online platforms have enabled the students get access to the contents posted online, it is one of the most remarkable inventions added to the new age learning.

How LMS Software can help in Corporate Training?

Online Training is huge challenge for organisation having local office or international premises. This challenges have truly been overcome by the latest LMS Software for Corporate Training.

Qafie LMS is one of the few such software systems that helps in the learning and development of schools, institutions and organisations.

How mobile LMS is gaining popularity and its advantages!

We are ever so accustomed to the idea of mobile that we think and literally breathe mobile. We shop like birds, while on the go, we order online our food while we are catching up with a friend. So many things in so many ways, and that too all in a short span of time.

5 Top benefits of using Learning Management Systems

Today, learning has taken an altogether a different approach as compared to traditional modes of learning. The learning today, is more interactive in nature and it empowers creative side of an individual.

Top 5 reasons to boost the growth of your business with the help of LMS systems!

Employee engagement is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that is faced by the organisations today. It not only provides a skillful hands-on training but brings motivation too.

How LMSs are changing the way people do their coursework?

The Learning management software systems are the best course management software offering different methodologies that can bring a good change and makes easier for the learners to learn the information.

4 things elearning newbies need to know

It is always difficult to go down a new elearning path in terms of a lot of anxiety. The reason is pretty much evident. You do not know where you ultimately would land upon after the elearning sessions.

3 factors making LMS fruitful enough for virtual training inside a workplace

When it comes to online courses, an LMS play a prominent role for every educational business.

Why E-Learning is gaining popularity than the traditional modes of learning?

Today, we are living in a revolutionary era where we have everything available at our doorsteps. Although, it is a matter of pride, somethings are good traditional way.

6 ways to boost up elearning at workplace for the betterment of coworkers | QafieLMS – Blog

Is elearning at your workplace actually making a difference in the lives of your employees? More importantly, do your employees feel to be an asset to the company through the elearning sessions? Additionally, do your elearning initiatives need some brushing up to make it more fruitful for the coworkers? It is quite annoying to see…

How to ease the scheduling of online courses via an LMS system? | QafieLMS – Blog

Scheduling a training program or course for online students is no small thing to accomplish. If that is something giving you chills all way long then we have got some easy do it yourself (DIY) tips that will get your balls rolling for managing the course scheduling activity via a course management system.

What has led on-demand e-learning playing a decisive role in enterprises? | QafieLMS – Blog

Modern technology has actually been revolutionary when looking at the historical timeline. Nowadays established businesses and even people resting in their house are actually taking advantage of various technologies. Innovation has actually changed over several generations when it happens to applying it to the business.

Digital e-learning online trends to check out in the year of 2019 - Qafie Software Private Limited

With 2019 already making a beginning, it is time to discuss upon the elearning trends that are going to take over the learning management system software arena with a bang as what has been suggested by industry experts.