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Qafie Software Private Limited

QafieLMS is an award winning Learning Management System along with a vast range of great features and advantages.


Why Your Organization Should Invest In a Course Management System?

There are many great reasons that highlight the need to invest in a course management system. Moreover, every organization wishes to hone their employee's skills from time and again and this online management system would be the perfect choice to consider.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying an LMS For Small Business

There are plenty of options available in the market when its come to choosing LMS for your small business. When you consider some vital points can help you choose the best LMS for your small business.

7 Online Learning System Advantages For Your Organization

Online learning system has many benefits for your organization. Online training system makes training and knowledge sharing makes a very convenient process for an organization.

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing The Best Course Management System

A Course Management System is a one-time investment that bears fruit for times to come. There are a few important questions that should be well defined before you choose the right course management system.

Why Do I Need to Invest In a Learning Management System?

There are many great reasons why you need to invest in learning management system. Learning Management System can be great tool to improve your employee's performance and productivity.

Why Should You Invest In an LTI Compliant LMS?

There are so many great reasons why should invest in LTI compliant LMS. One of the best benefits of LTI compliant LMS is an improvement in the user experience.

How an Online Training Software Helps In Training an Employee?

Online training software helps in training your employees in the most efficient way. It is considered to be one of the most useful tool in order to provide quality training to your employees.

Learning Management System Myths That You Should Avoid

There are some learning management system myths that need to be brushed out of your minds as they do not hold any significance. An LMS would indeed be worth the investment that will bear fruits for times to come.

Why Choose Course Management System For Imparting Training?

There are plenty of great reasons for choosing course management system. Using course management system is one of the most convenient and effective ways to provide knowledge and training to your employees.

How User Experience Plays An Important Role In An LMS?

User experience is plays an big role in an LMS. part from the smooth implementation process, a multitude of reports and various interesting features, you also need to give equal importance to the user experience.

Importance of online learning system for educating students

There are some important benefits that you could stumble upon when you adopt the online system to quench your learning thirst. Merging technology into education has indeed proved to be one of the most admired forms of the technical invention.

8 Objectives of a Learning Management System in Imparting education – Online Learning Management System

A Learning Management System has been beautifully crafted to perfection with many effective objectives to make learning, organizing, reporting and administration a fruitful process. From a trainer to employees to a student, this LMS has been gaining accolades for all the right reasons. Nowadays, you will find this Learning Management System not only in schools and universities but also in the corporate organizatio

7 Course Management System Features that Should not be Ignored

From saving costs to incredibly making way for a fun and innovative learning session, course management system is the perfect tool that just could not be ignored.

How a Mobile-Friendly LMS Benefits Your Organization

When it comes to employees, a mobile-friendly LMS has more benefits than the traditional training method. So, what are these benefits? Let me walk you through a few ways in which your organization can benefit from a mobile-friendly LMS. Read on to find out.

How to Check the Credibility of your Online Training Software

A boost in the morale, enhanced productivity and timely completion of work are some of the benefits of having well-trained employees on board. To produce well-trained employees your organization's training strategies and training software should be up to the mark. Once you have coined a prominent training strategy, your next step would be to invest

How e-Learning Will Benefit Your Organization by Qafie Software Private Limited - Issuu

With a plethora of e-learning benefits, it is becoming the most preferred method of training employees in an organization. Cost-effective, efficient training and a boost in productivity are some of the advantages of e-learning.

5 Fundamental Functions Of A Learning Management System

A Learning Management System could be best defined as a software application that generously helps in easing the process of organizing, tracking, recording, reporting and delivering content across the digital platform. This tool has immensely contributed to the educational as well corporate sectors by educating students, training employees and also easing out the administrative process.…

What Does a Course Management System Do? – QafieLMS – Medium

A course management system is a software tool that is used to manage, administer as well as keep a track of the data. Education and corporate institutes are the places that find the prominence of a course management system.

6 Tips To Evaluate Your Online Training Software

There are certain parameters that define the credibility of an online training. Observing employees, one to one feedback sessions and assessments are some of the ways in which you can evaluate the success of an online training software.

How Does an LMS Improve The Productivity oF Your Organization

A good Learning Management System has the ability to contribute to your organization's growth by enhancing the productivity of your employees. Hence, it is always a fruitful decision to invest in an LMS for your organization.

8 Reasons to Upgrade Your Online Learning Management System

There are many reasons that indicate the need to upgrade your online learning management system. An unsatisfactory user-interface, not aligning with the organization's needs and proving to be too costly are some of the reasons that demand an upgradation of your LMS.

6 Prominent Features Your Online Training Software Should Have

An online training software is mandated to have a certain set of features that makes it an authentic software. Easy to use, scalability, mobile-responsive and a bunch of relevant reports are a few must-have features within the software.

Qafie: The Difference Between LMS and CMS Explained!

LMS and CMS are terms that have a lot many similarities yet a few scopes of differences. Both are used for imparting training and knowledge online. So what is it that separates them? Read on to find out.

6 Qualities that Marks The Effectiveness of Your Online Training Software

Measuring the success of an online training software should be very well considered for the growth and development of the organization as a whole. It is one of the fundamental tools that encourages well trained and productive employees.

Checklists for Owning The Best Online LMS

Choosing the best online learning management system requires analysis of the software available in the market, their features, pricing and much more. A well-defined checklist will prove to be the perfect assistance in getting yourself an LMS.