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Title: Important Information You Should Know When Choosing Spray Drying

Spray drying is a very flexible process that can meet the strict product requirements of food and pharmaceutical products, offering a low-cost solution to many drying problems.

Important Information You Should Know When Choosing Spray Drying

Spray drying is a very flexible process that can meet the strict product requirements of food and pharmaceutical products, offering a low-cost solution to many drying problems.

Spray Drying- Visit Us to Know More about It

Enurga Inc. spray dryers manufactures which are fully engaged in the fabrication of this modern machine and offer a quality product.

En'Urga Inc. has a full X-Ray tomography system which can be used to perform non-desctructive evaluation of plastic components. In addition, the system can provide soot mass concentrations in diesel particulate filters.

Spray Drying- Visit Us to Know More about It

En'Urga's products are used for:

Nozzle and injector testing and quality audit
Flame characterization and analysis
Temperature sensing in a wide variety of industry

enurga Develop Spray Characterization For Pharmaceuticals & Dairy

En'Urga's optical patternation (spray pattern) technology provides reliable and, high speed and high-resolution result enabling our clients to earn a quick return on investment. Our products measure spray patterns, spray angles, spray drying, particulate velocities and densities within milliseconds to provide high-quality results.

We strive to improve the design at every opportunity we get. We listen to our customers and are ready to provide them support whenever they need it. En'Urga Inc. has 20 years experience in optical diagnostics and research, serving many Fortune 50 companies and Federal Government agencies.

All You Should Know About Tomography and Its Uses

Material testing with X-ray tomography systems by Enurga has proved itself as a convenient method for this purpose and offers many advantages over other conventional technologies. It is safe for the user without the need for any specific precautions. More important, the system has no influence on the object investigated since it is non‐ionizing and has low photon energy.

X-Ray Tomography By Enurga For Various Purposes

X-ray imaging is best used for examining human body efficiently in no time. These X-ray tomography systems are widely used to examine people who may or may have internal injuries such as broken bone, broken ribs, etc. Enurga provides some of the best X-ray tomography techniques for various purposes.

X-Ray Tomography At Its Best: Enurga

CT scan stands for Computed Tomography Scan. It is a kind of X-ray tomography system as it can perform a noninvasive medical test that merges a series of X-ray views taken from various angles to produce cross-sectional images of the soft tissues under the skin and bones.

Are You Searching for the Spray Dryer? Get to Know Everything about Spray Drying

Enurga’s Spray Drying undertakes the whole approach from accepting liquid feed at one finish and packing into sacks or other containers with the other finish prepared for transportation. Typically on more substantial plants, different processes are added both up and downstream to moderate the processing fees around achievable.

Highly Efficient Spray Drying Techniques For Any Industry: Enurga

Compared to other sorts of drying, Enurga’s Spray Drying can dry a solution exceedingly quickly. Additionally they turn an answer or slurry right into a dried powder within a solitary phase, which can be useful for profit maximization and approach simplification.

Increase Productivity With Enurga’s Spray Drying

Spray drying can be an evaporation procedure as well as the most common strategy for producing powder especially for warmth vulnerable supplies. Fundamentally Enurga’s Spray Drying consists of a huge chamber through which extraordinarily very hot air (or a various gas) is passed by way of, a feed pump and an atomizer.

Understanding the Concept of Spray Drying Process

The form that the finished item takes is subject to numerous elements, including the chemical and physical properties of the feed, the design and the operational process of spray drying by Enurga. The kind of feed can be suspension, gel-like paste or a solution which can be converted into granules, powders or agglomerates.

Enurga: Benefits of Spray Drying Process

Enurga’s spray drying is an extremely adaptable and flexible process that can achieve any difficult item requirements of eatables and pharmaceutical products, offering minimal-expense solution for some drying problems. Spray drying can take care of drying issues identified with thermally sensitive substances, for example, eatable ingredients and flavors.

Get The Best Quality Spray Drying: Enurga

By changing the working states of spray drying process by Enurga, different physical attributes can be accomplished according to the requirement. Atomization is the use of some type of energy to make little drops of the feed stock. There are many types of feeding systems used to atomize the feed item.

What Is Spray Dryer And Where Is It Used?

Enurga’s spray drying is a renowned technology widely used in particle formation and drying. This whole process involves the continuous production of the dry solids either in the form of powder or granules. Pumpable solutions are from which liquid feed stocks are sourced that provides allows spray technique to be used to extract the solid.

How Spray Drying Is Useful For Industries: Enurga

Enurga is a prime name when it comes to Spray drying. Spray drying technology is widely being used in the food industry like making of milk powder, coffee, tea, eggs, cereal, spice and flavoring across the USA. It is also on a high demand among pharmaceutical companies engaged in antibiotics, medical ingredients, and additives.

Enurga’s spray drying technology is highly efficient to dry a product quickly compared with other techniques used in drying. And this remains one of the reasons the spray dryers fly high in demand. This is a more sophisticated and efficient alternative to crystallization technique as the temperature effects are important depending on drying residence times.

A Look at Spray Drying: Applications and Functionality

Spray dryers the key component in spray dying process do the major part of the process, right from accepting liquid feed at one end and packing into sacks for the containers that at the other end are ready to transport. Enurga is the industry leader in customized optical diagnostic equipment for the most challenging factory floor applications like spray drying.

How Spray Drying Works: Enurga

The spray dryer which is used to convert liquids into powder consists of a large chamber through which hot air (or a different gas) is passed, a feed pump, and an atomizer which is used transform the solution. And the produced powder solid is usually collected using a drum of cyclone. Enurga ensures that the spray drying systems they provide are in proper condition.

Enurga: Supplier Of Excellent Spray Drying Systems

Though Spray drying systems are available in the many different shapes and sizes and they may also look different, the way they work is much similar. Spray drying, much the best evaporation process ever is most widely used method of producing powder especially for heat sensitive materials. Enurga supplies best Spray drying systems and is renowned for this.

Planar Temperature in Flames: How You Can Measure It??

Keep in mind that there are plenty of sub-products created by combustion such as temperature. And since temperature needs to be controlled, a proper analysis of combustion is very important for measuring the exact planar temperature in flames.

Enurga: Analysis of Planar Temperature in Flames

A reason why analysis of planar temperature in flames is important is that it helps you know the flame propagation modes such as positively and negatively stretched flames and planar flames, as well as their impacts on the equivalence ratio and flow rate.

Flame Temperature Estimation: Challenges and Techniques to Tackle Them

Active substances such as free radicals OH and CH are present in the flame which can readily react with any surface that comes into contact with the flame. This may lead to the release of heat energy. This released heat energy can further heat the surface to a temperature higher than the flame temperature. Visit us at

Methods of Flame Temperature Estimation

Contact devices such as thermocouples and resistance thermometers are used to measure the temperature of solids. They are not effective in flame temperature measurement because most of them cannot withstand temperatures higher than 1500 degrees Celsius. Visit us at