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Value yourself and your family’s well-being and quality of life by becoming our partner in health.

Paradise Regained for Stroke Patients

What would you do when a member of your family is diagnosed with a stroke? Would you be an escapist from the massive demands of the situation? Or are you one who can give your all for your loved one’s greatest pleasures?

Five Signs It’s Time for Your Aging Parents to Get Help

As your parents age, you start to see them having issues in the house and even the way they care for themselves.

What Prevents YOU from Achieving “Endless” Youth?

Is it possible to remain youthful at an advanced age? The answer to that is a big YES. Age is just a number. Though it is a clinical factor that keeps the body from feeling young, the same is not an impossible hurdle. This explains why a lot of personalities, while in their late sixties, can still emulate their young selves as if no time has passed by.

6 Smart Ways to Exponentially Improve Your Elders’ Daily Living

Though it is a bitter pill to swallow, we have to admit that our elderly loved ones’ days are becoming fewer as time goes by.

My Loved One Survived a Stroke, Now What?

Surviving a stroke episode is a major achievement. Now, your loved one is currently recovering.

Reminders for Stoke Survivors | Demerara Paradise Inc.

Surviving stroke is the first step but do you know what comes next? It is recovering your overall function so that you can enjoy life like you used to.

What Can You Do to Prevent Dementia?

Dementia is a serious mental condition that impairs memory and the ability to take care of your own self.

The Benefits of Living at a Nursing Home

A nursing home has many benefits and can help you live a more satisfying lifestyle. Here are a few of the many benefits that you can enjoy:

The Magic Formula of Caring for People with Alzheimer’s

As a provider of Health Care in Demerara, Guyana, we share the following tips in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Greatest Care Hacks for Patients with Parkinson’s

Numerous areas of daily life that appeared to be basic becomes harder and harder as days pass by for someone who has Parkinson’s disease.

Aging Gracefully: Some Effective Tips

A great way is through care services that can provide health care in Demerara, Guyana.

Do You Need Residential Care?

Not only can we help you with many of your personal needs but we also offer superb health care in Demerara, Guyana.