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5 Things to do in Macau – Discovering the 'Vegas of China'

When you say Macau, the first thing on your mind is the glitzy casinos. However, few know that the ancient city has a rich history and culture that gives visitors enough to lose themselves in for days


Ruins of the Church of St Paul

The remains of a 17th century Jesuit house of worship, the ruins of the Church of St Paul are an iconic landmark in the city. Proof of the strength and history of Christianity in the region, it had a multitude of beautiful stone sculptures and other engravings. The church was destroyed by a fire in the eighteenth century and all that remains is the southern façade. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the façade is now reinforced and visitors can even walk up to the top of it. Do not be put off by the fact that only one wall remains as the Church has a symbolic significance that makes a visit here mandatory.


Senado Square

The Senado Square is well famed for its brilliant architecture that perfectly blends together the Western style with the famed Eastern architecture. The sprawling square consists of a total area of four thousand four hundred and twenty five yards and offers a timeless beauty and vibe that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the city. Many a Macau luxury hotel along the likes of Hotel Okura Macau can be found close by to Senado Square's location in the middle of the city. The vintage Portuguese architecture can be found in many corners of the Senado Square while the floor is decorated with massive mosaic tiles. The square is quite busy during the holidays as it is the grounds for many carnivals and festivals.


A-Ma Temple

The oldest temple in the city, the A-Ma Temple is located on the southeastern side of the city. The temple was built in honour of Mazu who is the God of the seafarers. First constructed in the fourteenth century – which means the temple was built long before the city even existed - the A-Ma Temple is one of the three sacred Buddha Halls in Macau. The temple is also the grounds for many of the folktales in the region. Other than the historical and cultural significance, the beautiful Chinese architecture used to build this temple is enough of a reason to warrant a visit here.


Macau Tower

If you are scared of heights, this is probably the worst place to be at in Macau! Soaring to a height of one thousand one hundred and eight feet – which puts this 10th on the list of tallest free standing buildings – it of course, comes with an observation deck that offers a panoramic birds view of the below city. You can also find plenty of cafés at the top. Adrenaline seekers out there might be glad to know that the Macau Tower has the record of being the tallest bungee jumping location in the world. If that does not satisfy your cravings try the Skywalk X; a terrifying activity where you have to walk on the edge of the outermost wall!!