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Tips for Extending the Life of Your HDTV

Owning an HDTV means that you get to watch your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events in crystal clear clarity and incredible color. These TVs are made to last long (some 20 years or more), but many die out within five to ten years because of how they are used.


Clear TV Review

Because of this, it’s important to know how you can extend the life of your HDTV. Best of all, any Clear TV review will show that using this device to improve the strength of signal reception is an added bonus when it comes to enjoying content on your HDTV.


Get Rid of Dust

You need to get rid of dust as much as possible when trying to extend the life of your HDTV. Dust can be very harmful to your HDTV. It’s understandable that dust will build, but you need to remove it often. This includes dust on the TV and around the TV. Dust can cause the screen to suffer non-reversible damage.


Contrast Settings

The settings for the HDTV’s contrast should be adjusted appropriately. If the TV’s contrast is kept at 100 percent the screen will burn faster than if the contrast is kept at a lower value. Because of this, you should keep the contrast setting as low as possible without struggling to see what is being displayed on the screen.


Surge Protection

It’s best to plug your TV into a surge protector. TVs use quite a bit of electricity. For this reason alone you should use a surge protector. Surge protectors also help to prevent damage should the house lose power or a breaker short, causing the TV to turn on and off quickly.


Avoid Burn-In

Burn-in is an issue that can kill your HDTV quickly. Never leave the same image on the screen for a prolonged period. If you do, this can cause burn-in, which often can cause irreversible damage.


Turn it Off

Finally, be sure to turn the TV off when not watching it. Don’t leave it on all night while you sleep. Don’t leave it on when you leave the room or the house. This helps to extend the life of the device.