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Headline for Packing for a boat trip; things to take – Packing out of your comfort zone
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Packing for a boat trip; things to take – Packing out of your comfort zone

While packing is hectic enough on a normal day, packing for a special scenario like a boat trip can be even more confusing. Worry not, as we tell you what to pack and what to leave behind.



A boat trip means you will have limited space. This is true even if it is a massive cruise ship. Make sure you bring along a bag that would fit under a bunk or on a small shelf; bringing along a bag that does not fit will cause you a lot of headaches later on. A duffel bag is an ideal choice. The soft sides of the bag mean that it can easily be shoved into any space.


Be smart when it comes to your apparel selections

Finding quick dry fabric and clothing is hardly a difficulty. Investing in a few such clothing options will make your trip much less stressful as you will not have to worry about drying your clothes. If you plan on swimming, get two bathing suits because bathing suits do not dry easily in the humid sea air. You do not have to pay too much attention to the clothing attires as dress codes are not really adhered too. A pair of shorts and a t-shirt can be worn at all times, even for dinner. Another point to think about is that light coloured clothes turn see through when wet.


Don't forget the diving gear

If you have an idea to go diving or snorkelling during your boat trip, the gear is an absolute necessity. Once you are on the boat, there is no way to get your hands on the gear so it is up to you to sort it out before you leave. Most Mirissa beach hotels, the likes of Esprit d'Ici Hotel, rent out diving gear so it should not be too difficult.


Protect your skin!!

A boat trip means plenty of exposure to the sunlight. While everybody loves the sun, nobody really loves being sun-burnt. A sunscreen is absolutely essential, but make sure the SPF is high enough to offer the required protection. You can take it a step further by going for clothes that offer protection against the sun. This includes sarongs, cover ups, hats and sunglasses. It will not hurt to bring along an Aloe Vera based cream too. This will help in the unfortunate event that you get sun-burnt. Don't forget to add shampoo to your bag too as the constant exposure to salt water can ruin your hair.


Prepare yourself for motion sickness

Regardless of how strong your stomach is, a windy day at sea can cause quite a few upsets. Dramamine is a common over the counter option, but it is known to make the user quite drowsy. For a quick remedy, take some ginger with you but it is good to have something citrusy as well just in case the ginger does not work. You should think about sleeping aid too. The constant motion of a ship can make it difficult to fall asleep.

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