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Little Lords and Ladies Christian Private School

Entrust your child’s future to us. Allow us to guide your little ones to a path where their growth will be fully developed. We teach them the Christian values that are essential to be a better individual as they grow.

4 Benefits of Bible Study for Children

At Little Lords and Ladies Christian Private School, a private preschool in Oviedo Florida, our comprehensive curriculum includes a Bible Class that aims to teach your children the essential Christian values that will help them become better individuals as they grow up. Apart from that, our Bible class can also bring numerous benefits for your child including, but not limited to:

The Bilingual Advantage

s a premier private preschool in Oviedo Florida, Little Lords and Ladies Christian Private School strives to provide the highest quality of education for your little ones.

The Pros of Christian Education

Your children’s education is important, but their spiritual walk is even more important.

4 Tips to Raise Well-Rounded Children

As parents, we all use different parenting styles to raise our children. If you’re a first-time parent, you may ask questions like “How do I get my child to be successful” or “What can I do to make sure he grows up a good citizen and a great person”.

9 Rules of Etiquette to Teach your Children

We all know that early education is key to raising smart and well-mannered children. While there are some kids who are rude, there are others who become role models to others because of the way they treat others. Education starts at our very homes, so it is vital for us, as parents, to teach them while they are young.

Children’s Different Learning Styles

When parents send their children to school, they expect better or best outcomes. Parents are aware what their children are capable of, that’s why they expect good results. In making a decision with regard to choosing the right school for their children, parents are very meticulous.

Tips on How to Be a More Effective Teacher

Teaching is a very noble job. It requires not just a degree in college but passion as well. It is the type of job wherein you need undivided focus and attention, especially if you are a preschool teacher. Children of very young ages, some as young as 3 years old, go to school because their parents want them to learn.

3 Reasons Why Teacher-Children Ratio Is Important

When choosing which Private Elementary Schools in Oviedo, Florida parents should get their children in, they take into consideration a lot of factors such as safety, quality, accessibility, and the like. With these checked, sometimes parents often believe that it is good enough for their children.

4 Reasons Why a Bilingual School Is Good for Your Child

When your child speaks a language other than the nations, it could be very challenging to find them a place to fit in, to get an education, or to build a friendship. It presents a lot of challenges such as your child feeling out of place, misunderstood, lonely, and many other negative thoughts.

6 Benefits Your Child Earns Just By Learning Music

There are a lot of extracurricular activities your child can join in.

6 Reasons Why Play Time Is Important for Kids

Sure, books and grades are significant, but having some free time to play also has numerous benefits.

5 Reasons Why Christian Education Benefits Your Child

Is your child really going to benefit from getting a Christian education?

5 Benefits of Bilingual Education for Your Child

Are you wondering if your child can learn two languages at the same time?

Sensible Technology Use Through Christian Education

Children easily learn things that are new and interesting to them. They like learning things that they either have seen or experienced before, and they are very confident when it comes to approaching things that they are familiar with. Together with the integration of the proper use of technology in the school curriculum, it makes a marvelous technique to indulge their interests in technology along with the teaching of the core values of the Christian way.

Preventing Bullying Through Literacy

Bullying reaching new all-time highs has become an alarming national epidemic. It has taken lives and wounded souls, crushed families’ hopes and dreams and left communities in terror. If we prepare and guide our children unto the right path to society, we can build better communities who will look out for each other.

Encouraging the Little Ones to Observe Good Sportsmanship

At Little Lords and Ladies Christian Private School, we believe that children who become active in sports can develop good sportsmanship. As one of the most respected private elementary schools in Oviedo, Florida, we are particular in helping the children become team players. We want them to experience a healthy competition with sportsmanlike character.

Let Your Kids Experience the Fun in Reading

We would love to help your kids improve their reading skills and experience fun reading. Our private elementary school in Oviedo, Florida has activities that can mold them into successful readers. Because we are a private Christian school, you are assured that we provide spiritual and educational books for your kids to read.