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Federal Flags, LLC is an online retailer of premium quality flags, banners and flagpoles. Taking excellent care of our customers has always been our #1 priority. We're proud to have earned top ratings from multiple, third-party sites. We would love to welcome you to our family of happy customers. Visit us today!

Telescoping Flagpoles — The Perfect Solution for Seasonal Flag Flying

If you are considering buying a France flag, you might be interested in its history and what it stands for. Keep in mind that the tricolor structure has become the most popular and influential flag structure in the history and it has been copied and applied by almost all nations across the world.

Want to Buy a French Flag Online? Here’s all you need to know about it

There is no better way to attest your gratitude and love for a country than proudly flying its flag. It’s been like this forever. If you are considering buying a France flag, you might be interested in its history and what it stands for. Right off the bat, the flag of France is a definitive tricolor flag which features three separate vertical bands which are colored in blue, with and red. The blue is on the hoist side.

Flagpoles for Sale: What’s The Best Choice For You?

Are you looking to display the flag at your home? At your business? Let’s take a quick look at all the different flagpoles that might appeal to you.

Three P’s of a Successfully Installed Residential Flagpole

The flagpole that you will purchase is actually going to depend on what you’ve planned in step 1. Make sure that your choice of residential flagpole is going to coincide with what you had planned. If you settle for something different, things might not work out right.

Light pole banners are made from durable commercial-grade vinyl and they are printed on both sides to catch the attention of people approaching from both sides. They have pole hems on the top and bottom so they are easily attached to the light pole on the street.

The Symbolism of the U.S. Flag

The flag of a country is considered to be a representation of its culture and values. The American flag’s concept and design was established in the year 1777. Since the beginning, the flag was to consist of 13 horizontal stripes in red from top to bottom with a rectangle in blue containing small white stars.

Choosing American Flags for Sale: Things to Look Out For

When looking for American flags for sale, you would also want to make sure that their construction is durable and reliable. When the flag starts to wear out, it is going to first show in the end and then in the seams - this is where you might see some fraying. When you get a proper flag, these are the kinds of things that you wouldn't really have to worry about for quite a lot of time.

History and Symbolism of the US Marine Corps Flag

The anchor behind the globe shows the corps’ strong ties with the US Navy making it an Amphibious fighting force. The Anchor has no loose end to its rope showing that US Marines Flags are here to stay and this fighting force will not come to an end.

American Flag Flying Days – Federal Flags, LLC

Centuries ago the thirteen colonies in this land united under a single flag of 13 stars and 13 stripes and 13 white stars on a blue star field. As time passed, more states joined the union and a star was added for each which yielded the current 50-star flag of United States that flies high on the masts of Government Building and State monuments.

Flag Flying Days in May

Some key things to keep in mind while flying the US flag are that while flying over US soil, the US flag should always be at or above the level of any other flag. If a US flag is hanging on a wall, then the blue star field must always at the top. Flying the flag with the star field on bottom, or upside down is considered a sign of distress.