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Top 4 Natural Experiences In Australia – Exploring The Country's Diverse Landscape

Australia is home to a unique landscape that has a range of natural attractions scattered all over the country. Read on as we list the top natural experiences which are worth a peek.


Tasman National Park

Well famed for its steep sea escarpments and eye boggling rock formations, the Tasman National Park is filled with dramatic sights that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Located on the Tasman Peninsula, the park contains many land species as well as marine species such as possums, dolphins and penguins. The list of bird species is even longer with many endangered birds such as swift parrots and wedge tailed eagles. Most of the eye catching rock formations such as the famous Tasman Arch and The Blowhole can be simply reached via a vehicle. Moreover, the Tasman National Park has multiple trails that are ideal for a day trek or multiple day treks.


Umpherston Sinkhole

Sinkholes are usually thought of as a terrible natural occurrence but that is not the case with Australia's Umpherston Sinkhole. Sometimes referred to as the 'Sunken Garden', it is the site where a cave caved in, which left a massive pockmark. The name is derived from an Australian called Umpherston who was the first to start planting in the pockmark back in the eighteenth century. Fast forward the years and the site is now a beautiful garden with well manicured shrubs and a range of other flora. Visitors are free to walk through this public park and it is known to be a surreal feeling as the garden is sunk below the ground. The Sunken Garden is lit up after dark and is frequented by possums after dusk. Most Australian hotels from entities such as Oaks Hotels & Resorts, should be able to arrange a tour to this otherworldly location if you wish to.


The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park

The sight present at The Pinnacles seems like it's right out of the planet Mars. This is due to the presence of thousands of limestone structures that rise up vertically, sometimes to heights of five metres. Spread over an area of seventeen thousand hectares, the different soil types result in different colours while the sand dunes on the background add to the already eerie feeling here. Try to visit the Pinnacles during sunrise or sunset as the movement of light through the pinnacles creates a mesmerizing sight.


Undara Lava Tubes

Once the site of frantic volcanic movement, the Undara Lava Tubes are massive caves and tunnels that make for great exploring. Widely considered the biggest and longest of its kind in the world, they were formed due to volcanic eruptions that happened around two hundred thousand years ago. The tunnels can only be accessed via a tour guide and tours without a guide are not allowed due to dangers like high carbon dioxide levels. Other than the lava tubes, the dry rainforest surrounding the caves make for an interesting sight that is sure to feature on your Instagram profile. A three and a half hour drive from Cairns, the journey is long but the destination is totally worth it.

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