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Headline for Must Try Indonesian Delicacies – You will be Drooling by the end of this Post!
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Must Try Indonesian Delicacies – You will be Drooling by the end of this Post!

There is a popular saying that goes "food speaks for itself". If you do want to grasp what the Indonesian culture is all about, one such way to do so is to try out their range of authentic dishes.


Nasi Goreng

A signature dish that is widely said to be the national dish of the country, Nasi Goreng can be found at restaurants all over the world. The dish comprises of fried rice and other ingredients like egg, prawn, chicken or mutton. On the side of spice, one can find chillies and curry leaves. Oh and also, make it a point to add kerupuk, a type of crackers, to the dish.


Mie Goreng

A spiced fried noodles dish, Mie Goreng is the same as Nasi Goreng except for one difference. While Nasi Goreng makes use of rice, the main ingredient of Mie Goreng is noodles. They follow the same recipe and utilize the same ingredients. The dish carries a heavy influence of Chinese cuisine and is very common in the country. One can find it anywhere in Indonesia, be it roadside hawkers or a boutique hotel in Bali such as the likes of Alila Manggis. If you are in the country, this is a dish that totally deserves a try.


Mie Ayam

Another variation of noodles, it consists of yellow wheat noodles that are set on the table with broth. Seasoned chicken is cut and added on top along with an assortment of vegetables. In some cases, even dumplings are added as toppings. This dish can be found with plenty of variations such as bakso, a type of meatballs, which is commonly served in some variations.


Nasi Uduk

A traditional dish that is famous in the capital of the country, the steamed rice is infused with coconut milk which tends to give the dish a savoury taste. For added taste, lemon grass, cassia bark and cinnamon are used in the dish. Pandan leaves are used to top off the dish as it tends to add a beautiful aroma to the end dish while Bawang Goreng is sprinkled on top too. The meal is then covered with banana leaves. A number of side dishes are included such as omelettes and fried beef but these depend on the customer's requirements. Popular all over Indonesia, Nasi Uduk can be found at all times and is quite affordable.



You are sure to get a whiff of this dish as you walk down any street in the country. It is a dish that consists of skewered meat which is marinated and grilled. The final dish is covered with a sauce before it is served to a person. The meat used in this Indonesian dish varies. It is most commonly chicken, but mutton, beef and seafood are also made use of. The skewer is generally a bamboo one but in the most bona fide versions, mid rib of coconut fronds are used. The meat is skewered and grilled over a wooden fire after being seasoned.