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Top 4 Things to Do While in Solo – Exploring the Extraordinary Royal Capital of Java

Solo, the capital of Java is frequently forgotten in the mad rush to explore the rest of the country. However, for those who take the time to explore this city, there are plenty of things to do.


Go Batik shopping at Klewer market

One thing Solo is synonymous with is Batik. Well known for their exceptional and high quality batik, the Klewer market is an old market where one can find a multitude of batiks in different varieties. It also happens to be the largest clothing market in Solo and houses up to one thousand four hundred and sixty seven traders who are guaranteed to have what you want. More than a market, the Klewer market also serves as an important icon of the city and is very popular among tourists to the city. Any hotel di Surakarta can point out the directions to the market and one can even find tailors who can sew a dress in one day!


Pasar Triwindu

While antique shopping in Indonesia is mostly a private affair at the dealer's house, the Pasar Triwindu market is an anomaly in the antique shopping world. Home to a large number of stores, the antique items one can find are quite limitless, be it authentic Java daggers or sculptures. Present in the centre of the city, the market was first opened in the nineteenth century and underwent a major renovation process in 2008. The building features a vintage Javanese architecture that when combined with the atmosphere, makes for an amazing experience. Roughly five kilometres from hotels such as Alila Solo Hotel Indonesia, do not forget to bargain if you are purchasing anything.


Surakarta Hadiningrat Royal Palace

Built in the seventeenth century, the Surakarta Hadiningrat Royal Palace was once the nucleus of the Javanese Kingdom. It has a number of vintage sculptures, ancient battle equipment and is home to the Sanggabuwana Tower, which is steeped in history too. Certain parts of the premises are closed to the public, such as the King's residency, but there is still plenty to see for a visitor. Other than that, the palace regularly hosts a number of religious and cultural events in the city.


Grand Mosque Kraton Surakarta

Again built in the seventeenth century, the Grand Mosque Kraton Surakarta spreads over an area of nineteen thousand one hundred and eighty metres. The compound has multiple buildings and the mosque itself features a traditional tajug style that has three floors that culminate in a crown at the middle. One can easily view signs of Islamic architectural influence in the design of the mosque. Many of the city's religious events take place at the Grand Mosque Kraton Surakarta. The ample space on the inside and outside as well as the rich history embedded in the mosque makes it an ideal location for such events. There are a couple of tall minarets constructed in the latter periods that feature some elegant architecture. If you are dropping in, do not forget to check them out!