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Updated by Ronak Meghani on Jan 12, 2018
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Different Ways to Find the Best Magento Developer for Your Project

Today e-commerce is growing rocketing speed thanks to easily reach the Internet via mobiles and increased tendencies of Omnichannel presence among the retailers and wholesalers.

It has boosted the demand for eCommerce web development, and Magento is at the king position among the e-commerce platforms by its richness in offering features and functionality that render it a contemporary and competent platform.


Use Direct Search on the Web to Find Magento Developer

It is the handiest way to run a quick search using the search engines available on the web. Fortunately, the modern search engines like Google and Bing are using the latest search technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and so many other algorithms that finally make the search engines behaving like humans.

Moreover, localization option in the search engines enables you to catch a local Magento developer or a Magento development companies in your vicinity and globalization for offshore and outsourcing work.

Explore Freelance Web Portals

It is a bit better option for those Magento merchants who are somewhat tech-savvy and know how to communicate with the software developers using the tech languages and managing the development projects.

Of course, you can take help of local consultants or a reliable agency in your localities or your online circles.

Check the LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform thriving on the social media concept. Recently, it has gathered a vast audience of professionals coming from diverse niches. You can find your ideal Magento developer for outsourcing project or in-house hiring.

Go To Twitter

Twitter has global reach thanks to its unique style of content distribution using Tweets. If you are using the Hashtag feature correctly, you can obtain tons of inquiries and reach the hidden talents unavailable through traditional ways.

Dig the Facebook

Facebook is a famous social networking platform with all social nuts & bolts to be socialized digital animal! Fortunately, Facebook is offering free and paid services for the businesses and professionals to exploit the platform with full capacities.

If you want to hunt the quality Magento developer, you must recognize the quality through proper inspection. It is possible to visit personal blogs of avid Magento lovers who write unique and in-depth technical blogs, articles, news, and various content on the web.

Obtain email addresses of a handful of developers or agencies and do straight email marketing targeting them.

Be Active on Magento Forum

Magento forums consisting of more than 200K registered users and Magento experts are posting thousands of posts every year.

Official Magento platform runs various program to aid Magento community. Among those, training and certification program introduces Magento developers with qualifications for their standard criteria.

Explore Magento Solution Partner Program

Just like the certification program, official Magento Solution Partner program can extend your reach to the enterprise level Magento developers with official recognition.

If you have a big project contact the solution partners of the Magento platform and get the optimal outputs.

Official Magento website displays various events on Magento taking place across the globe. See an opportunity to visit some in your vicinity. Attend the seminars, conferences, Hackathons, and webinars at national and international level.

It provides you an excellent opportunity to interact with experts who are almost under the curtain and doing work for selected projects of selected clients.

Exploit Potential of Job Boards

Most of the job boards support in-house placement models, but still, some are running innovative and secure freelancer or contract based models. They used to charges for quality contacts, and you should enroll with them in some fees.

Judging Real Capabilities of Magento Developer:

Simply finding a list of right matches for your Magento development project is not provide any guarantee for the successful accomplishment of the project.

The success of a software development project lies in the collaboration and coordination between developers as well as with clients as well. Therefore, your Magento developer should be a responsible and responsive entity in your project team.

Effective conversations between developer and client are the key to roll the ball smoothly and rapidly. If your developer falls into the same culture and language, you have the least hurdles in communication, but it becomes alarming when you both coming with differences.

However, time zone differences between client and developers have some advantages particularly, a client needs allocated tasks for a day accomplishing when the client is awakening after a night sleep.

All skilled developers on your list for Magento development project are not comfortable with the latest communication channels available in the development community. Some are good at instant messengers while some prefer to restrict up to email.

We know Magento development project always become a challenge for a single freelance due to intricacies and resources demands involved in it. Moreover, freelancers are devoid of the latest infrastructural and communication facilities to support medium to big scale projects.

Therefore, looking for a dependable and reputed Magento Development Company is the best way to get good ROI and satisfactory results within your budget.

Many offshore and even onshore developers claim big but fail to deliver accordingly. Therefore, look at the individual as well as team/company portfolio of the Magento projects. It is better than they have projects relevant to your niche business or alike to your requirements.

Now, it is time to judge the technical soundness of your selected Magento developers in your team, and it is only possible with some technical understanding and familiarity with coding, designing, testing, and deployment processes.

The best way for a non-tech Magento merchant is to take the assistance of a Magento consultant in your reliable circle or hire with a fee. It may prove worth investment for your entire project and the consultants will help you to weed out right developers to create an impeccable Magento development team.

JPost-Hire Activities:

Once you have put a stamp of your choice for a Magento developer or a team of developers belong to an agency, your work is not finished yet. Some post-hiring activities need your attention and time.

Whether your Magento e-commerce development project is a unique idea or not, but it certainly has sensitive info on your shoppers and your business. Therefore, legally binding of your developer through Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) is the best way to secure safety, security, and privacy.

The project success also attributes to successful project management. Therefore, you must learn how to participate in Magento development project actively whether it is freelance or a Magento development agency/company.

Many companies use the latest project management software (PMS) with all bells & whistles to facilitate active participation of the clients, and they weigh opinions of clients as well as facilitate them to obtain project progress reports.

These companies also allocate experienced and skilled project managers and team leaders to assist you on various fronts without messing up with all members of the development team individually. They act on behalf of you and speed up process without missing expected quality in work.


We have seen what intricacies involved in the finding process for a reliable and quality Magento developer or a company. If you are a busy Magento merchant and looking for a dependable consulting service in this regard, consider Magento consultation services by Magneto IT solutions a best-ever choice.

It will ease your burden and take responsibility for the entire project development as well. Ready to communicate with the support and marketing development team at Magneto IT Solutions team?